3 Books To Show You You’re Not Broken, Even When Your Family Is

Words and photos by Jerika Danielle Clemente


Home. Family. Love.

That’s probably the usual stream of thoughts when a person hears the word “home”.

Yet not all of us think like such in the first place. In a world where many say, “Forever doesn’t exist.”, some of us might have thought of:

Home. Broken. Abusive. Love?

A sad reality that many of us face today. And as one of those who grew up in a broken family, it is books that helped me get through what I was going through. They helped me escape into a world of stories. Books that I could empathize withbooks about broken families.

So read on, and let me show you these three books that made me realize, and might also make you realize, that we are never truly broken, no matter how much our family is.

3. Eating With One Chopstick


A book more inclined to the Christian faith, this one talks to those growing up in single-parent households. And as author LJ Salceda puts it, it’s compared to eating with a single chopstickwhich you can guess is pretty difficult and there’s always just something missing.

This book is a compilation of the challenges, struggles, and frustrations that LJ experienced as she grew up with “only one of the chopsticks”. Here, she shares her story. But, most importantly, she shared the story of how God became the father she never had and how she became complete even in a household that isn’t.

2. Moving Onwards and Upwards


Three different characters, three different stories, three different families.

Moving Onwards and Upwards tells the stories of Pat, Anna, and Luis. Despite having different family situations, all of them are triumphantly moving onwards and upwards from the pain and struggles of lifein their own special ways.

Sure to bring heartache and inspiration, their stories show that each of us can be strong and even stronger as we face our own struggles in our families. They show there are people out there who understand what we’ve been through or what we’re going through because they’ve been there themselves and survived.

Aside from the calligraphy and the aesthetics that I loved about this book, it is also very easy to read since it’s technically short, but trust me, there’s more to it than what meets the eye.

1. A Solitary Blue


One of the “most chill” yet heartfelt books I’ve read so far, A Solitary Blue tells the story of Jeff who was left by his mother at a young age in the care of his distant, cold father.

Being the only child who wasn’t really taken care of, Jeff, like the Solitary Blue bird, becamewell, you probably got itsolitary. Jeff’s story will make you realize that not all things are what they seem to be and that sometimes we don’t need to be blood-related in order to call someone family.

For some, the story might become dragging, but if you like reading books and would like to read one that is easy-going yet can make you ~feel~, then A Solitary Blue should be the next book on your to-read list!


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Whether you’re like me or know someone who is, these books can really tug at your heart strings and make you realize the realities of many families today.

But hey, not only will your circumstances pass by, but you will overcome them, in your own time and way. Because like I said earlier, we aren’t truly alone nor broken. And even if you feel that you are, don’t lose faith. ‘Cause one day, everything will be okay and right now, you are doing just fine.

What is a book that helped you through a challenging phase in your life? Tell us in the comments!