3 Anything Goes Finds You’ll Love

3 Anything Goes Finds You’ll Love


I am obsessed with everything sheer. After all, they’re very easy to wear in our crazy weather.

 I have sheer shirts and blouses, scarves and kimonos.

Though I work as a stylist, I am generally a basic dresser.

I put on pants and a tank top, then throw on a scarf or a kimono and that’s my signature look. However, these items can also be used when dressing up – on night outs or even on a date!

3 Anything Goes Finds You’ll Love

3. Kimonos

I personally love kimonos. They are light cover-ups that you can use when wearing a dress, a shirt or even when lounging around the beach in your bikini.

3 Anything Goes Finds you’d love

Recently, I had a collaboration shoot with Photographer JB De Leon and I decided to use some of my Anything Goes favorites.


2. Scarves

3 Anything Goes Finds you’d love

Here I am wearing an infinity scarf and also our model Ferlina

3 Anything Goes Finds you’d love

You can style it in two or three layers or cover your shoulders with it. The possibilities are infinite. 


1. Lace Tops


Another favorite is this lace top, which has a sheer back, making it look classy yet sexy at the same time.

3 Anything Goes Finds you’d love

This item is very easy to use as you can just pair it with jeans or shorts. You can also pair it with wide leg pants and a vest to achieve a hippie flower child look.

These are just three of my favorites from Anything Goes Store. They have a variety of colors and designs you can choose from. The beauty in ordering from Anything Goes is that they give prompt replies on Facebook, Instagram and even through text.

As for me, I got the items I picked out a day after. And because there are tons to choose from, Anything Goes owner Vanessa can help you find the perfect item for you. 

Anything Goes Store


Mobile No. +(63) 917 4177302

Facebook: facebook.com/yesanythinggoes

Instagram: @anythinggoesstore



3 Anything Goes Finds You’ll Love

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