James Franco Stars in Hilarious Hallmark Parody Sketch on SNL

Christmas is a time for tradition — families gather round the table to feast over yuletide favorites, singing the same old Christmas carols and hanging up the ol’ Christmas tree, doing the same old activities like giving each other gifts, watching Christmas movies and basically taking in the spirit of the holidays. And like any other no-fail tradition, we can count on Hallmark to release sappy Christmas movies that’s just perfect for watching with your family or significant other while sipping on a hot cup of cocoa.

James Franco Hallmark Saturday Night Live

Well, this year, Hallmark has just given more than what we bargained for by offering 21 Christmas movies this month, as a countdown to Christmas. Some say you can never have too many Christmas movies, while others think it’s a tad overboard. Whatever the case, this definitely did not escape Saturday Night Live.

The weekly sketch show dedicated a parody starring James Franco, and it’s pretty hilarious and quite spot-on.

In the sketch, James Franco stars as Chris Bearstick, a handsome Canadian actor who appears two  Hallmark Christmas films.

First up is Yes, Santa, where a girl from the city moves back to her old town to take over her grandmother’s Christmas tree farm and despite having a workaholic city boyfriend, falls in love with her high school sweetheart, who happens to be young Santa. Pretty much Sweet Home Alabama meets The Santa Clause. In Prince Santa, an ice skater who suffers amnesia from a head injury captures the heart of a prince, who also ends up being Santa. Yup, that’s like Prince and Me and Netflix’s A Christmas Prince, which is surprisingly a real movie.

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