2600 Gastropub: The Perfect Place to Eat, Drink, and Relax in Baguio City

2600 Gastropub is a new hotspot that changed the game of the nightlife in Baguio City. If you’re in Baguio, you’ll definitely hear the name of this place. From its hyped up weekday beer pong games to their specialty house beers, this place is perfect to release stress after a day’s work.

2600 Gastropub Baguio City

2600 Gastropub got its name from the zip code of Baguio City. It’s located at Upper General Luna Road.

2600 Gastropub Baguio City

The place is very spacious and has a unique vibe. The staff is very accommodating and friendly, too. If you’re looking for a place to meet or maybe just a place to eat and drink with your buddies in Baguio City, 2600 Gastropub has the perfect menu for you.

2600 Gastropub Baguio City

Tequila Crispy Porklets – P150

Small tacos with pork bits, mixed veggies, and a sauce with a hint of tequila. It comes with a slice of lemon to boost all the flavors in your mouth. The perfect beer match.

2600 Gastropub Baguio City

Dirty Sausage – P275

6 sausage slices wrapped in tacos with assorted toppings. The hint of chili in the sausage gives enough heat to make you want to grab a cold one. The serving comes with onion rings.

2600 Gastropub Baguio City

Sliders – P250

2600 Gastropub is the only place where you can avail of these cute hamburgers. 5 small burgers with different stuffing? What’s not to love?

2600 Gastropub Baguio City

Fish n Chips – P220

Crispy layer outside with a tender fish fillet inside. It’s served with crispy potato fries.

2600 Gastropub Baguio City

Grilled American Ribs – P160

Pork ribs grilled to perfection along with their special barbecue sauce. The meat is very tender and full of flavor. It comes with mashed potato, salad, and corn. A definite bang for your buck!

2600 Gastropub Baguio City

#2600 Pork Steak – P160

A special cut of meat that’s only served at 2600. Yes, you won’t find this type of cut anywhere else but here. This huge slice of juicy meat is specially grilled to satisfy your cravings.

2600 Gastropub Baguio City

Roast Chicken – P220

Specially marinated chicken, roasted just right. Served with beans, corn, and potato fries.

2600 Gastropub Baguio City

Chicken Liver Pasta – P250

Pasta lovers won’t be left out of this pub. This heaven-in-a-bowl is the Pinoy version of mac and cheese amd specially served at 2600. The taste gives out a nostalgic feeling. It will take you back to rainy school days when you sipped your mom’s home cooked “sopas”. It’s served with crispy onion rings. A must try for foodies out there.

2600 Gastropub Baguio City

2600 Beer

To wash things down, here’s the perfect drink that’s specially made by 2600. You won’t find the taste of this beer elsewhere. It’s so good that it’ll leave you thirsty and craving for more.

2600 Gastropub’s menu is pure delight that fits right in anyone’s budget. So, when in Baguio, don’t miss 2600!

2600 Gastropub


#86 Upper General Luna Baguio City