250k Kiteboarding Adventures Sets up Camp in Coron!


250k Kiteboarding Adventures Sets up Camp in Coron!

When in Manila, the traffic can get to you. So can the thirst for adventure, the need to explore those outlying islands, and see what more the Philippines has going on.

There’s a lot more out there.

So hop on a plane and make your adventure a reality! If you are a thrill-seeker, here’s something to try: The fastest-growing water-sport in the world today. In fact, it’s so popular that several thousand kitesurfers from around the globe travel to the Philippines every Amihan season (November-March) just to do it.

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You see, our islands have the perfect conditions for this eco-friendly sport. We’ve got steady trade winds, beautiful nature, and a warm climate for those trying to escape a cold winter. Not to mention, we’ve got fun-loving locals who are always ready to party.

Of course, kiters have been on the Boracay scene for a few years now. But a little known secret is starting to spread: Coron and the Calamianes islands.

A bit more difficult to reach because of their remote location, these beautiful islands are now accessible through 250k Kiteboarding Adventures. They are a small international group who has scouted out the best spots for kitesurfing Palawan and built a Kite Camp on a private island in the middle of pristine waters, just for kitesurfers.

If you think you want to get into the extreme sport, be sure to take beginner lessons. 250k also offers those on their island camp, and you can rent gear for the duration of your stay.


Or maybe you’re not ready for kitesurfing, but your more sporty friends are. Hey, you can still tag along to Coron and enjoy your own private island for a week, snorkel the beautiful reef, explore WW2 shipwrecks, go diving, or just get a great tan in paradise.

Interested? Check out www.kiteboarding-philippines.com, for travel information, wind and weather essentials, detailed guides to the country’s best kite spots, where to find local kitesurf schools, how to choose the right school for your first kiteboarding lesson; even what to pack  for a water-sports holiday.

It’s pretty easy to get hooked on kitesurfing—and now you know where to go.


For more information visit www.kiteboarding-philippines.com email info@kiteboarding-philippines.com or call 0939 848 7812 


250k Kiteboarding Adventures Sets up Camp in Coron!

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