Why You Should Drink More Water

Ice Water

4. Water keeps you energized.

Drinking lots of fluids while exercising is important, as it replenishes lost electrolytes. When cells are unable to maintain their balance of fluids, it can lead to muscle fatigue and will let you feel tired and weak.

3. It clears your skin.

The most cost-effective hack of keeping your skin blemish-free is drinking lots of water! Water can flush out toxins and keep you from getting dehydrated, which dries out your skin and makes it look more aged.

2. It helps you “go” more regularly.

“Going” more regularly ensures that your digestive system is on track, and prevents constipation.

1. Promotes weight loss.

Instead of reaching out for the nearest soft drink, which contains empty calories and loads of sugar, go natural instead and stock up on water. Water is the quickest way to control calories and can help you feel fuller so you don’t overeat.

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