25-Year-Old Goes On “Permanent” Family Vacation After Selling App for $54 Million!!

Sigh, if only we can have such luck!

bucket list

25-year-old Garrett Gee, an American entrepreneur has just decided to change his family’s life in 2016: he quit his job sold their belongings to go on a permanent family trip around the world!

Garrett reportedly sold his mobile scanning app called “Scan” to Snapchat in 2014, valued at $54 million, and has since decided to go nomadic, calling his brood the Bucket List family!

They even post their adventures to Instagram at @bucketlistfamily.

Surprisingly though, they haven’t touched the money they made from the Snapchat deal yet — their #familygoals activities have been funded from the sales they made from selling their stuff!

Total #familygoals indeed!

What are your thoughts on this? Would you do the same thing they did? Discuss!


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