25 Chinitos We are Crushing On Right Now

Are chinitos your ultimate weakness? If chinky eyes are your thing – plus a cute smile, to boot – then this article is definitely for you.

25 Chinitos We are Crushing On Right Now

25. Jerome Monteiro, 34

Jerome Monteiro is an automotive consultant for Hyundai. He is into hip hop and RnB, and appreciates art. He has lately gotten into electric kick scooters, as well. Jerome loves playing basketball and working out, and he is into Marvel and DC. “I love watching cartoons, too,” he adds.

24. Allan Ngo, 35, @allanritchiengo

Allan Ngo is an entrepreneur and Email Marketing Consultant at DigitalSolopreneur.com. He is a home buddy who’s holding off the dreaded dad bod by taking 8,000 steps a day while listening to nerdy audiobooks, chasing his daughter around the house, and running movie marathons with his wife. His self-proclaimed superpower is writing emails that sell. “My weakness is the Manila traffic,” he adds. “And I believe every new parent should watch Mike Birbiglia’s “The New One” comedy special at least once in their life.”

23. Hanz Choccodino Si, 24, @hanzchoccodino

Hanz Si decided to shift from Entrepreneurial Management to Culinary since he loves to eat and cook. He has since opened an Asian buffet and events place named HAKKA with a partner last year and this year, they’re turning it into food kiosks (Hakka Express) for franchising.

22. Klein Adrian Ong, 23, @kleinong21

Klein Ong does the sales and retail operations for a new luxury men’s clothing brand in the Philippines called Stefano Ricci.

21. Nick Ronquillo, 23, @fit_nck

Nick Ronquillo is a travel filmmaker, coach, and men’s physique athlete. He is into bodybuilding, filmmaking, and the arts.

20. Albert Potestas, 30, @f45_training_mandaluyong

Albert Potestas is a part-owner, director, and studio manager of F45 Training Mandaluyong, as well as a personal trainer. It’s his first business and my third year living here in the Philippines. “Most of my passions are related to fitness,” he shares. “I like cycling, lifting weights, and good nutrition. I am also a very big fan and practitioner of meditation. I don’t read much, but I am a YouTube and Podcast addict.”

19. Yosh Kikkawa, 31, @itsyosh_notjosh

Yosh Kikkawa has been working as an account director for an advertising agency in BGC for nine years now. Outside his day job, he runs a food review Facebook page with his fiancée called Smol Girl x Big Noms. “We love food so much that our furbabies are named Chizu, Curry, and Soba,” he shares. “Our passion project connected us to small business owners with brands that have huge potential. This triggered us to now offer our extra hours for advertising consultancy for these folks.”

Yosh is also a proud geek and the self-proclaimed biggest Bucky Barnes collector in the country, even running a page called Bucky PH. “Also, I have other geek buds who collect streamlined toys/comics of what we call “shrines” of our favorite characters. We made a group called Single Character Collectors PH. My passions are all over the place you could say,” he laughs.

18. John Christian Marcial Mabida, 23, @johnchristianmarcialmabida

John Mabida is a flight steward for Philippine Airlines. His hobbies include swimming, biking, traveling, and watching movies and TV series.

17. Dale Villanueva, 24, @richdalekun

Dale Villanueva is currently a Junior Manager for L’oreal Philippines doing trade marketing and visual merchandising specifically for L’oreal makeup. On the side, he does freelance graphic design, layout, and branding. He also used to do a bit of modeling for promotions. “One of the interesting “rakets” I was able to get was butlering services,” he shares. “It was an otaku event, and basically what we do is serve guests, talk to them, give a bit of romance providing similar experience to what butler cafes in Japan have.”

Eight years ago, when Dale was still a student, he liked KPop and attended events and joined cover dance competitions, as well. Now, he’s more into Korean dramas with his style inspiration heavily influenced by Korean street style. “I’m currently working on exploring other hobbies and trying new things,” he adds. “And just like your usual “adulting” phase, I’m getting into fitness and travel.”

16. Alvin Cheng, 24, @alvinthechiphunk

Alvin Cheng is an Investment Specialist for a bank, who is passionate about fitness, traveling, and HIV & AIDS awareness. “For fitness, I do indoor spinning at Ride Revolution regularly,” he shares. “I’m also a ClassPass member wherein I try different fitness studios around Makati like yoga, crossfit, and boxing.” For traveling, Alvin’s goal is to explore the 7,000 + islands of the Philippines because of it’s beauty. He is also a counselor and an advocate for HIV-AIDS through NGOs such as LoveYourself Inc. and the Red Whistle.

15. Markches, 37, @iammarkches

Markches is a YouTuber, as well as the owner of www.bulbstudios.com and creative director of @awesomefellasstudios. He travels as much as he can and has a deep passion for basketball. “I could live in the beach now and retire,” he states.

14. Derrick Pua, 25, @imderrickpua

For his day job, Derrick Pua does software quality assurance. “I basically test software applications and websites for bugs and defects before they will be released to the client,” he explains. On the side, he models and acts. “I always enjoy being in front of the camera and posing for shoots. I also love to express myself through acting. I really don’t treat this as a job because this is my passion and this is what I really LOVE,” he gushes.

Derrick’s hobbies include watching movies and TV series, hanging out with friends, traveling with friends, exercising, and staying fit. He also plays video games.

13. Sylvester Sy, 35, @sylvestersy

Sylvester Sy currently works for Google Operations Center as a Google Analytics 360 specialist. He is also a blogger for Iconic MNL. Sylvester is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information System at Centro Escolar University in Manila. During his academic years, he actively engaged in various extracurricular activities and served as an officer in different organizations. “I guess I get inspired by everything that surrounds me and I’m the type of person who loves to try new things,” he adds.

A few years ago, he decided to pursue blogging. “I was also a fashion photographer and was working with some brands and local magazines,” he shares. “I also did few photography exhibits during my career as a fashion photographer.”

12. Wayne Villadolid, 26, @emvilladolid

Wayne Villadolid is a Field Marketing Professional who also buys and sells cars. A car enthusiast and car lover since he was a kid, he’s a self-proclaimed speed freak who loves to race and wouldn’t say no to Johnnie Walker.

11. Neil Lacson Tacderas, 26, @neil_tacderas

Neil Tacderas grew up in Saudi Arabia and migrated to the South of Metro Manila when he was 17. At day, he works corporate as an Assistant Marketing Manager at SM Development Corporation (SMDC) after being in the Marketing and Events industry for six years now. When he’s not at the office or on the tech booth, you can find him out with his car friends turned family either attending car meets, “cruising” at midnight, or fixing his non-sponsored financial mistake of a BMW; in a corner of his house, nerding and gaming out with a hardcore computer rig that he built; eating like there’s no tomorrow; or chilling with his lazy-ass cat and feeding eight little fish, which he can’t tell apart coz they all look the same.

“My friends would know that I’m living my second life, having survived a major car crash as a passenger back in 2017,” Neil shares. “I’d like to think of myself as an advocate for wearing seatbelts. I’m also an optimistic guy who values family, hard work, close ties, and dreams. Living one day at a time with my best foot forward, some procrastination skills, and eyes towards the goal.”

10. TJ Leonardo, 27, @thetenderjuicy

Tj Leonardo is a Video Content Creator whose special talents include making fun of himself, breaking into a dance at anytime of the day, and jumping to the worst conclusion and worrying about that thing for hours. He is a left-handed extrovert who loves cats.

9. John Abella, 32

John Abella is a corporate sous-chef who also manages a small business of car and home sanitizing services where 5% of their services go to their charity of choice. He’s a typical homebody, who only works, goes to the gym, and stays at home. “I used to go out, but I only prefer one specific place in the South:Tavern Asia,” he shares.

John started his culinary career when he became a baker on a ship and pushed to study to become a full-fledged chef. He also loves basketball and golf, but “gym is life”. “I release my stress at the gym aside from getting healthy and fit,” he explains.

8. Sung Joon ‘SJ’ Park, 27, @parkheresj

SJ Park works in Translation/Interpretation for government agencies and private companies, and is an MBA student and racecar driver with team GAC Motor PH. He also organizes amateur racing events through A-line Events. Ever since he was a kid, he has loved cars and motorsports. He also enjoys trying out new and different activities, like swimming and climbing, hand crafts (when he has extra time and gets inspired to make something), reading, or watching things related to science and technology. “I also love to travel to new places whenever I can,” he adds.

7. Avin Ong, 28, @ongavin

Avin Ong is a self-made man/ entrepreneur. As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Fredley Group of Companies, he oversees the growth and operations of 8 food and beverage brands with over 150 branches nationwide. He enjoys traveling, eating and hanging out with friends. He also plays the violin. He travels a lot to experience the food and culture of different countries and to seek inspiration for innovation in the foodservice industry.

Avin is also passionate about giving back to the community. Under his management, people with disabilities are employed by the company. The soon-to-be-launched Fredley Foundation will provide education scholarships and, ultimately, roles and a career path within the group to the less fortunate.

6. Miguel Pascual, 23, @mltpascual

Miguel Pascual is currently juggling his studies as a graduating honor student of BS Computer Engineering at Adamson University, while working as a Software Engineer at LIFE Enrichment Consultancy, as well as a Technical Director / Film Maker at Make it Happen Multimedia Production. His overly compressed schedule doesn’t stop him from doing the things that he loves, though. “Though I spend most of my time hitting the books in school, I still find time to engross myself in sports and athletic activities, especially basketball, to keep my body in shape,” he shares.

“My job as a Technical Director and Film Maker also coincides with my passion to explore and capture the beauty of breathtaking locations both here and abroad. I also get to further hone my passion in turning awe-inspiring stories into wondrous films that people can relate to.” Mountain trekking and beach hopping are also things he enjoys doing during his free time.

5. Jonathan Richard Que, 22, @jonathanrichardd

Jonathan Que is currently a 3rd year Civil Engineering student at DLSU. His hobbies include walking his puppy Milo, collecting sneakers, taking care of his body at the gym, and focusing on his career as an engineer.

4. Brandon Jon Limpe Aw, 27, @djbrandonjon

Brandon Aw is currently working for their family business, Destileria Limtuaco & Co, Inc., the oldest distillery in the Philippines established in 1852., focused on Marketing and HORECA (hotel, resto, catering) sales. “I was the one who thought of the idea to create limited edition labels for our product Maria Clara Sangria, which really boosted the sales a lot,” he shares. “For Horeca sales, being a club and event DJ allowed me to meet and build connections in the hotel and nightlife industry, which made selling liquor to them much easier.”

Brandon is also a professional DJ. He used to play in the hottest bars and clubs, but stopped to focus on work. “When I get gigs now, I limit it to events like weddings, debuts, corporate parties, and store openings,” he says. He is also into watches now and has started to collect them.

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And now here are the top 3 chinitos we are crushing on right now:

3. Fred Lo, 30, @mrfredlaw

Fred Lo is currently a vocalist at Hong Kong Disneyland. A kid at heart, he’s a Disney/ Marvel/ Pokemon/etc geek, a toy collector/photographer, and an anime fan. “Teaching children and making them happy is my drive to work,” he shares.

2. Evan Tan, 20, @richeryyy

Evan Tan is an engineering student who loves to play instruments (mainly guitar and bass). Other hobbies include a bit of singing, exercise, drawing, and basketball.

1. Neil Dy, 25, @niggydy

Neil Dy is an entrepreneur who models sometimes. He loves to work out, travel, cook, play basketball, and play golf.

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