25 Amazing things that we can find in Japan

We love traveling to Japan. We almost always find amazing things that mesmerize us and the food there is superb. To even hype up the Land of the Rising Sun, here are 25 amazing things that we can just find there.

25. Car parking done right

24. Fruits with strange shapes

23. People walking on one side

Meanwhile, in the Philippines, we still have to shame those who can’t even follow where to walk or stand on the escalator.

22. Nifty lamps

21. Commuters line up neatly while waiting for the train

20. Japanese people being Japanese 🙂

19. When it comes to food, what you see is what you get

18. Crew wave goodbye to leaving vehicles

Saw this even when I took the bus!

17. Bathrooms are one of a kind

You can find clean bathrooms almost everywhere even in the park. They also have a bidet virtually in every bathroom. Some go the extra mile and provide entertainment (install TV display) while you relieve yourself.

16. Smoking areas are well-contained

Non-smokers aren’t bothered by cigarette smoke

15. Train rides (even bullet trains or shinkansen) are smooth

14. Knocking on hotel rooms is rare

13. Travel is really easy even if you have extra stuff to carry

12. Taking photos when traveling solo is easy

11. No one can steal your umbrella

10. Creative manholes

9. Diagonal walkways

8. Trains with a foot bath

7. Discipline starts at a young age

6. How organized is this?

5. Baby seat in the public restroom

4. Faucet behind the toilet

3. Win or lose, they clean up after the game

2. Just clean

1. Everything is really sanitary

Pretty impressive, right?

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