Taylor Swift’s Squad Keeps In Touch Through WhatsApp

With so many members in Taylor’s posse — jetsetting supermodels, Oscar-winning actresses and indie writers, how does Taylor Swift and her #SQUAD keep in touch?

By using WhatsApp!

Taylor Swift Bad Blood (1)b

Hailee Steinfeld revealed this in an interview on BBC Radio 1 in the UK, saying:

“We try to (speak a lot). It’s so crazy being all over the world at the same time and rarely being in the same place at the same time.

But it’s so much fun to stay in contact and find each other along the way and all get caught up.”

According to the actress, social media is what helps the big group get updated on each other, and when everyone does get to meet up, it’s usually at big events when they’re all dressed up.

“When we are all together it does feel like a big reunion, and it normally happens to be when we are all dressed up and look a lot nicer than we normally do, so it looks a lot cooler than it is,” Hailee laughed.

Thoughts on this? Would you like to be part of Taylor Swift’s squad?