22nd RevUP! Diliman Motorshow: The Hottest Car Show in the Metro!



The UP Gears & Pinions are following through with their tradition of holding a car show annually within the University of the Philippines Diliman campus here in Quezon City.


RevUP! The Diliman Motorshow is the only car show hosted by an organization within the university. It has been a source of entertainment during the day, with thousands of people visiting to get a glimpse of the cars, the lights, the sounds, and even the car girls. The car enthusiasts are the stars of the show, however, as numerous participants show off their beloved masterpieces, which range from off-the-hook customized to pristinely bone-stock. The competition is fierce as there are various awards to be won along with different categories that will be available.


The RevUP! Diliman Motorshow will be held at University Avenue, the same location for the past two years, on March 19, Sunday. People will get to enjoy the open, flowing air, and the stunning sunset over the campus as they hear the revving engines and witness the most mesmerizing cars in the metro.

RevUP! is currently in its 22nd iteration, and this year, the UP Gears & Pinions are partnering with VIP Productions to make this summer season hotter than ever. Join us! Start your engines and RevUP!