22 Male Indoor Cycling Instructors Who Will Inspire You to Get Fit

When you’re about to make your last full-sprint towards reaching your fitness goals before the year ends, count on these guys to help make sure you enjoy the ride!

22. Zo Canaria, 23, Electric Studio


Zo Canaria

Although he’s relatively new to teaching spinning classes at Electric Studio, Zo Canaria makes sure that his students get the best experience they could possibly have.

“[Spinning] kind of became an escape from anything and everything and it’s one of those workouts that make you feel welcome regardless of your body type or fitness level,” Zo says. “That’s also the same reason why I wanted to teach and that’s also how I craft my classes. I always try to go back to my rider experience — from being a beginner to an advanced one — and I look back to what I wanted to see, feel, hear, and do while riding! I just love teaching more after every class!”

When he isn’t in the studio, he works a corporate day job and does strength training at the gym while also pursuing creative endeavors on the side.

21. Bellarmine Javier, 27, Electric Studio


21-Bellarmine Javier

Bell Javier joined Electric Studio as an indoor cycling instructor motivated by the desire to show people that getting fit can be enjoyed. “I wanted to be a positive force in the Fitness Industry by showing that strength can come in all forms. And that the experience of getting fitter can be more inclusive and fun — welcoming to all and ready for anyone who’s willing. I think what I enjoy the most about it is seeing people be happier with the change knowing that I had some part in that,” he shares.

Prior to teaching spin classes, Bell was a trained competitive hip-hop dancer for 12 years. When he isn’t in the studio, he works a day job as an advertising creative.

20. Raymond Ordoveza, 36, Saddle Row


20-Raymond Ordoveza

Raymond Ordoveza has been an indoor cycling instructor ever since Saddle Row opened in 2015 but has been spinning indoors and outdoors for 10 years now. He currently teaches Exchange classes which is a pure cycling workout that tests stamina with sprints, climbs, and rides at different paces and speeds.

“I often refer to indoor cycling as my fun job,” he shares, adding that he does it outside of his day job as a licensed real estate broker.

Apart from teaching spin classes, he also pursues his passion for being a competitive triathlete.

19. Cheeno Roque, 31, Electric Studio


19-Cheeno Roque

Cheeno Roque has been hooked on spinning since 2017 but only recently joined the Electric Studio family as an instructor. “I have always loved working out with music, but how Electric Studio combines the music, the choreography, the lights, and that energy is truly poetry in motion. Electric Studio has found this fine line between a good challenge, and the exact amount of fun in each class,” he says.

He adds, “I wanted to become a cycling instructor because of how empowering instructors can be. What better way to spread such a feeling of positive vibes and encouragement than to be on that bike podium? At the end of the day, we all need a little push to keep striving to be better people and, as an instructor, it’s my definition of a great class. It’s not about how crazy the choreo is, or how amazing the playlist may be, it’s about that rush of endorphins, fueling you with energy and tackle whatever goes your way.”

Outside of the studio, Cheeno works as a foreign currency sales trader for a local bank.

18. Jasper Velarde, 25, Ride Revolution


18-Jasper Velarde

Jasper Velarde has been teaching at Ride Revolution for three months. He shares that he first got into indoor cycling after getting bored with doing “the same workout routines every day” for years. And although he admits that he wasn’t able to give his all during his first-ever ride, he decided to keep doing it for the love of spinning and the community he’s blessed to have met.

Now, more than a year since then, he’s on the podium bike inspiring his students to be the best they can be.

“Ride Revolution gave me a new perspective on working out. It isn’t just about looking good, but about being the best version of yourself,” he says. “As an instructor, inclusivity is very important to me. I want my riders to feel like they can be their truest selves when riding. Ride Revolution is a no-judgment zone. You can be whoever you want to be in the bike room.”

When he isn’t teaching, he works as a project manager for an advertising agency. He also professes his love for watching theater plays, especially Broadway musicals.

17. Troy Bautista, 26, Electric Studio


17-Troy Bautista

Troy Bautista got into the world of indoor cycling “by chance” when he discovered a studio right beside where he lived which his officemates were also regulars of.

“At that time I was a fresh graduate desperately trying to balance demanding work hours with the desire to stay physically active. Once I tried my first ever indoor cycling class, I knew I found the perfect workout for me,” he shares.

Now an instructor for two years, Troy is driven by his want to inspire and be inspired by people to have a better, healthier lifestyle. “Anyone can sweat it out in the gym, on the treadmill, or anywhere – but that feeling of getting stronger as one class inside a bike room paired with your favorite music surrounded by all kinds of inspiring people…that’s something I knew I wanted to be a part of,” he adds.

Beyond the bike room, Troy works for ESPN5 Philippines and regularly plays Basketball (his first love) and Golf (his current addiction).

16. Hanz Go, 28, Ride Revolution


16-Hanz Go

Hanz Go fell in love with indoor cycling because of how similar it was to dancing, which was his passion back as an undergraduate student. It’s that love which ultimately pushed him to audition as an instructor at Ride Revolution where he has been teaching now for two years.

“Teaching it though is a whole different thing,” he shares. “To be able to share each other’s energy inside the studio, to be able to turn one’s day around and make it a little bit better, be it yourself or your riders, that’s what makes instructing very rewarding and humbling at the same time.”

Currently, he handles a day job as a sales and marketing manager for a manufacturing firm. During his leisure time, he practices yoga and is also a CrossFit athlete.

15. Clark Dela Riva, 28, Saddle Row


15-Clark Dela Riva

Clark Dela Riva has been in the fitness industry for six years, juggling it with his professional life. Now he is a full-time fitness instructor at Saddle Row as well as Plana Forma and Bare Manila.

He shares that he first got into indoor spinning because he needed a place where he can progress through therapy. “[It] was initially a part of my post-surgery ACL therapy a couple of years back,” he says. “The interest in teaching it grew on me and it was all climbs and sprints from there!”

Apart from being a fitness coach, Clark is also a licensed Nutritionist-Dietitian, a Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning Coach, and was once a theater actor for 9 Works Theatrical’s local production for the musical “Newsies.”

14. Kyo Numata, 30, Electric Studio


14-Kyo Numata

Kyo Numata shares that indoor cycling has been his go-to cardio workout ever since, so riding for the first time at Electric Studio years ago got him hooked instantly. “I was drawn by the experience. It’s not just a workout but a mental and emotional adventure that allows us to free ourselves,” he says.

He adds that beyond his passion for fitness, it’s the ability to give back to the community that gave so much to him that pushed him to be an instructor.

“There is no better feeling than to be a part of a positive change in people’s journey and to see them feel more confident about themselves,” he adds. “I like to remind riders that their journey is infinite and so is their potential. Every journey has its milestones, every victory has a beginning, and right when the pedal starts moving, it’s when the riders begin theirs.”

Kyo is also an instructor at Rise Nation and is a corporate director by profession. During his leisure time, he works out at Primal Ape CrossFit, reads sci-fi and adventure novels, and can hold lengthy conversations about all things related to aviation.

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13. Jeff Stelton, 29, Ride Revolution


11-Jeff Stelton

Jeff Stelton admits that he was never actively into fitness but decided he needed a lifestyle change two years ago. Though he had a difficult time looking for a workout he would wholeheartedly enjoy, he says that one class in Ride Revolution was all it took for him to find what he was missing. It was after a year of spinning that he eventually started teaching it.

“Being on the podium is one of the best feelings in the world,” he shares. “In every ride, I get to meet all these amazing and passionate people, plus I get to help them feel good about themselves. Their progress is addicting and seeing them get stronger and achieve the goals they set for themselves is the reason I love doing what we do.”

“I want to be a true testament that you don’t need to be this ultra-athletic person to be part of this amazing community. All you need to do is to give it a shot and together we’ll work on it from there, one ride at a time,” he adds.

When he isn’t on the saddle, he works as a senior copywriter for an advertising agency. He has also written four films: “The Animals,” “#Y,” “Ex With Benefits,” and “Love Me Tomorrow.”

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