2 Key Players in the Philippines that are Changing the Chicken Game

There is no denying that Filipinos love to eat chicken whether it’s fried, roasted, or grilled. There are a lot of restaurants specializing in chicken nowadays, and people are going crazy for them. Here are two restaurants that are currently changing the chicken game in the country.


2 Key Players in the Philippines that are Changing the Chicken Game


Bryan Tiu, owner of Peri Peri Chicken

Peri Peri Chicken is a concept that was brought to our country by Brian Tiu, the owner of I-Foods Inc. Dubbed as an international trendspotter and local trendsetter, he brings new restaurant concepts to our country that he discovered abroad. He tries to localize foreign concepts so as to make them more appealable to the Filipinos. Brian got into the food business by franchising Domino’s Pizza when he was only 19 years old. Unfortunately, a financial crisis hit and that’s when he decided to get his own brand. He created Teriyaki Boy, which he says was his big break. On a travel abroad, he discovered Peri Peri Chicken and thought that it was a great concept to bring to the country.


Although several peri peri chicken restaurants have popped up, they are the first in the country. What sets them apart is the variety of sauces that complement their chicken. Peri Peri only has 3 branches at the moment, but Brian says that they would definitely open more branches in strategic areas. As pioneers of that particular chicken category, they naturally want to own a big chunk of the market. Brian says that they want international exposure and are starting by opening a branch in Myanmar soon.


Chanky Tiangco, Marketing Manager of Kyochon

Chanky Tiangco has been in the food business for 12 years now. It all started with her internship at a famous retail bakeshop during her college days. She got interested in the Marketing side of the business and thus decided to get a career in Marketing. Chanky is now the marketing manager for the number one Korean chicken brand, Kyochon.


Although they were a little late to enter the chicken game in the country, Chanky claims that Kyochon is the original Korean style fried chicken with it being around since 1991. She says that their chicken is double fried so as to have a very crispy skin and very moist meat. They stay true to the brand’s motto, “Chicken like you’ve never had before,” by using ingredients that are imported directly from Korea and ingredients that pass their quality standards. Chanky says that they want the stores here in the Philippines to look and feel like the ones in Korea so as to be more authentic.


Bringing an international restaurant into another country is a big risk, especially if it’s in a category that a local brand tops. It will either be a big hit or a big failure. Remember to adapt the concept into the culture of the country so as to be more acceptable to its locals.


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