19 Pictures of Pokémon and Their Real-Life Counterparts

With the release of Pokémon GO, we can now have an augmented experience of our favorite video game. But, did you know the game’s pocket monsters are based on actual things? We round up pictures of Pokémon side by side with their real-life counterparts for your amusement. And although we implore you to stick to the VR version and not throw pokéballs on these majestic animals and catch ’em all, we highly recommend you soak in the wonders of Nature, because, see, sometimes, reality is as strange, if not stranger, than fiction.

19. Omanyte and an Ammonite Fossil

omanyte ammonite fossil

18. Chatot and a Yellow Collared Lovebird

chalot yellow collared lovebir

17. Sandslash and a Pangolin

sandslash pangolin

16. Poliwag and a Translucent Tadpole

poliwag translucent tadpole

15. Caterpie and an Eastern Swallowtail Caterpillar

caterpie eastern swallowtail caterpillar

14. Victreebel and a Pitcher Plant

victreebel pitcher plants

13. Vileplum and a Rafflesia Arnoldii

vileplum rafflesia arnoldii

12. Mudkip and an Axolotl

mudkip axolotl

11. Magikarp and a Yelloweye Rockfishmagikarp yelloweye rockfish red snapper

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