1811 Billiards and Lounge: The Place to be After a Long Day’s Work

Words and photos by: Francesca Sanchez

Whether you’re already adulting or still hustling your way through school, do try to find a time to unwind and reward yourself from all the workload. If you and your friends are looking for a new place to hang out, check out 1811 Billiards and Lounge at Lilac Street, Marikina. Situated above Artisque Café, the first thing you’ll notice upon entering the establishment is this atmosphere that gives of a homey feeling.

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Fancy unwinding with a short game with your buddies? True to its name, 1811 houses pool tables you and your friends can use for a game of billiards.


1811 Apollo 23

Other than the warm feeling the interior gives off and the mural wall that will greet you upon entering, their music also harmonizes to the tastes of the customers. 1811 Billiards and Lounge invites DJs in for a perfect chill night playing pool over good music.

1811 - Apollo (18)

1811 Apollo 22

1811 Apollo 24

Good company and a good spot. The only thing missing now? Mouthwatering food, of course. 1811 Billiards and Lounge’s menu ranges from appetizers, main dishes, to alcoholic beverages. And get this—all these come in affordable prices considering how generous their servings are.

1811 Apollo 6Who can say no to pizza? You can also order this cult favorite at 1811.

1811 Apollo 9

1811 Apollo 15

Burger and fries—a classic. Their Cheese Burger Sliders works wonders paired with fries on the side and dips, all of which you and your friends can share.

1811 Apollo 19

They also have a whole tray of nachos! Who can say no to nachos??

Buffalo Chicken Popcorn

Out of all the food they offer, the Buffalo Chicken Popcorn is definitely the star of the show. Just pair it with its sour cream dip and it’ll surely take you straight to gustatory heaven. (A little side note though: for those who are not really into spicy food, you might need some water!)

Being a lounge, you’ll also find a bar located inside 1811 Billiards and Lounge wherein you can have some drinks while sharing stories with friends.

1811 Apollo 8When walwal is life but you gotta keep it fancy, you have the option to order their handcrafted beers.

1811 - Apollo (5)Or, you know, go straight for the cocktails.

1811 Apollo 14But if you’re keeping it non-alcoholic, there’s always the house blend iced tea to quench your thirst.

Your night out with friends doesn’t—shouldn’t—stop there. On the third floor of the establishment, you’ll find Apollo, a hang-out hub that was only recently opened. As its namesake, play beer pong while reveling in the ambiance they have chosen for the place. From the neon lights to the murals, you’ll feel like you’re in outer space, hence the name Apollo. Curios to see more of what it’s like? They gave When In Manila a sneak peek of the new establishment:

1811 - Apollo (1)

1811 - Apollo (2)

1811 Apollo 3

1811 Apollo 4 1

For those looking for a way to catch up with friends or basically just relax after a long day, do check out 1811 Billiards and Lounge. And if you would like to make the good times last longer, head straight up to Apollo. Either way, do expect to find the perfect place for unwinding in these two establishments.

1811 Billiards and Lounge

39 Lilac St., Marikina City
Operating Hours: 4 PM to 2 AM