181 R&B: The Perfect Place to Chill in Baguio City

181 R&B: The Perfect Place to Chill in Baguio City

I’ve been staying in Manila for quite a while due to the production of my prank show. So I decided to visit my folks in Baguio, get away from the chaos of Manila, and breathe some fresh air. When I got there, all of my friends were inviting me to chill out at this place, so even though I have a busy schedule, I decided to check the place out.

181 Restaurant and Bar, or 181 R&B, is located at #45 Northdrive st. Engineer’s Hill, Baguio City. The place itself has “relax” written all over it.

181 R&B Baguio 19

181 R&B Baguio 2

181 R&B Baguio 20

The owners graduated in UP Fine Arts, so the walls have soothing artworks on them. The architecture and the decoration of the place is very well-structured and brings out a happy kind of energy.


181 R&B Baguio 1

The bar has class labelled on it. It’s manned by very skilled baristas to satisfy your spiritual needs.

181 R&B Baguio 17

These were the fireworks of SM Baguio on the night of Baguio Day’s celebration as seen on the balcony of 181 R&B.
Its location is near Session road, but is still hidden from the noise and rumble of the business district.

According to the owners, they designed 181 R&B to be their personal chill-out place. However, instead of using it for their mere personal use, why not share the fun with the people of Baguio?

Now, to the fun part, their bestsellers:

Vietnamese Springroll 181 R&B Baguio

Vietnamese Spring Rolls – It has ground pork with other vegetables inside and complements the sauce well. Highly recommended appetiser!

Cream of Clam Soup 181 R&B Baguio

Cream of Clam – Very mouthwatering, creamy taste that goes well with the clam. A 100% must-try!

Creamdory 181 R&B Baguio

Cream Dory – It’s smooth, soft, and fresh.

Chili Prawns 181 R&B Baguio Chili Prawns – Freshly cooked prawns that will melt your mind.


The creamy sauce goes well with the perfectly cooked prawns and follows the slightest chilli kick that will make you say “Pengeng Kanin” involuntarily. This is a must0try when you go to 181 R&B.


Mediterranian Salad 181 R&B Baguio

Mediterranean Salad – Fresh vegetables with tuna and egg. If you’re a salad geek, you should try this one. The vegetables are really good.

Mushroom Burger 181 R&B Baguio

Mushroom Burger – The ground beef patty will make you beg for the recipe. It’s juicy, tender, and very heavy on the tummy. A 100% must-try.

Baby Back Ribs 181 R&B Baguio

Baby Back Ribs


Perfectly cooked ribs with a very complementing sauce. The meat is very tender, breaks with the slightest touch, and doesn’t give you a hard time chewing it.


Sirloin Steak 181 R&B Baguio 1

Sirloin Steak 181 R&B Baguio 2

Sirloin Steak


181 R&B is very proud of their steaks. I asked for a medium rare sirloin cut, and they did not disappoint. The house blended gravy complements the steak very well. I am a “steak guy”, and I can say that their steaks are quite good. I recommend this one 100%!

Strawberry Smoothie 181 R&B Baguio

Green Tea Smoothie 181 R&B Baguio


If you’re here to chill, they have the perfect treat for you: smoothies! The strawberry one is good for people with a sweet tooth. If you want a more relaxed drink, try ordering the green tea smoothie; it will not disappoint.


Blueberry Cheresecake 181 R&B Baguio

Blueberry Cheesecake – Their cheesecakes are quite good, too; they’re not too sweet. It’s the perfect dessert after a heavy meal. 
Turon ala Mode181 R&B Baguio

Turon ala mode – Freshly-cooked turon on top of chocolate syrup with ice cream and a cherry on top. A very nice treat for your tummy.

181 R&B Baguio 18


After all of the treats and the happy vibes that they brought us, we were very pleased to present them with the When in Manila seal of approval. 181 R&B is a place you definitely must visit when you go to Baguio. Luscious treats for the tastebuds, a relaxing ambiance for a clear mind, and professional baristas to uplift your spirits. We will surely go back for more.



181 R&B

#45 Northdrive st. Engineer’s Hill, Baguio City




181 R&B: The Perfect Place to Chill in Baguio City


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