17 Times Cole Sprouse was Just Freaking Perfect on Instagram

Though I’ll always know Cole Sprouse as Ben, Ross’ eight-year-old son in Friends, he’s all grown up now and has a league of his own fans. The now 24-year-old actor has landed a role in Riverdalea Netflix TV show based on the Archie comics charactersas Jughead Jones. You know, that burger-crazy teenager. In the comics, at least. But in Riverdale, Cole Sprouse’s Jughead has a sad boy aesthetic, which is probably why so many girls are currently swept away by him. There’s always something charming about the quiet, broody guys in school, right? Needless to say, Cole Sprouse is the internet’s current flavor of the season.

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But there’s more to admire to Cole than just his acting. Did you know that he’s also a talented photographer? The boy is a true blue artist. If you check his Instagram, what you’ll see is a well-curated feed of photographs and portraits of his friends. Occasionally he’ll even write long, deep, and artsy captions that say he’s quite a writer, too. Take a look at what he wrote alongside his portrait of KJ Apa, aka Archie on Riverdale:

Dammit, Cole. Is there anything else you can’t do?

But here’s our favorite part of his Instagram. Cole’s self-portraits. Acting, writing, and photography aside, we all just like to appreciate the simple aesthetics of a good-looking lad when we see one, don’t we? And as this is what you came here for, here are 17 times Cole Sprouse just took our sighs away on Instagram:

Yes, the shadow game is strong on this one.

Thanks @nataliefongphoto for supporting my vanity. Narcissus

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Cole Sprouse knows how to find his lighting.

An identical twin with special snowflake syndrome? That’s rich.

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Oh hai. I like your hat.

Killing it with the tussled hair.

Raccoon trash man Cole Sprouse ????????@austindaniels_ @tynandaniels @beaujamesstudio

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Don’t smoke it is BAD FOR YOU. But this is a great photo.

Support the local upstart cigarette companies and smoke! Your president does it so how bad could it really be?

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Making drama in grainy film.

Hello bb boy <3

Let’s split up gang. Daphnes comin with me. ???? @paulinashafir

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“Come here, you.”

Are you also waiting for forever, Cole? Tabi tayo.

Please hold my hand.

@grantlegan finally makes me (grandpa) look hip in #botswana. #cntvoyages

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Who else can pull off that jacket, tbh. I can’t.

2/3 @damon_baker

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OUR BB IS CRYING, I can’t e v e n.

What’s left of the front?

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He even looks good in a work jumpsuit, wtf.

I work here now. @sashafro

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I melt.

Sporting the specs



???? @damon_baker ????

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For more of Cole Sprouse’s perfect face, you can stalk him over at his Instagram, @colesprouse

(No but seriously, check out his photography. He’s great.)

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