17 Heartbreaking Scenes from One More Chance that We Will Never Stop Quoting

10. Please forgive me.

one more chance quotes

Trisha: “Gusto mo na bang tapusin to?”
Popoy: “Mapapatawad mo pa ba ako?”

9. Turn back time.

one more chance quotes

Basha: “How I wish I could turn back time, so I can fix all my mistakes.”
Mark: “Bash, don’t ever think it was a mistake that you chose to find yourself. That you chose to love yourself a little bit more.”

8. Ang tigas mo.

one more chance quotes

“Ganyan ka ba katigas?”

7. The End.

one more chance quotes

“All I know is that we have to end this.”

6. Awkward.

one more chance quotes

“Di naman naging kami eh.”

5. I want space.

one more chance quotes

Popoy: “Ano bang problema mo?”
Basha: “I want space.”

4. Wag po kasi assumero.

one more chance quotes

Ikaw kasi eh. Hindi ka nagtanong eh.”

3. The 3-Month Rule.

one more chance quotes

“Bash, maghihintay ka muna tatlong buwan bago ka makipagboyfriend ulit. Hindi mo ba alam yun?”

2. Eh masakit.

one more chance quotes

“How I wish I can just pretend I’m okay and that this isn’t painful.

1. Sorry, I’m not happy for you.

one more chance quotes“Sana kaya kong sabihin na masaya ako para sayo, na masaya ako para sa inyo. Sana kaya ko. Pero hindi eh.”

Hugot galore! We know “One More Chance” had even more heartbreaking quotes, like Basha’s what if/what is line. Did we miss any more? Which line is your favorite go-to hugot line? Share your comments below!

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