15 Things Chinese Girls Can Relate to

We all know at least one Chinita (or an actual Chinese) girl. In my case, I’m that girl. Take it from me: being the one with chinky eyes can be a real struggle – and even an amusing thing to some.

15 Things Chinese Girls Can Relate to

15. Having monolids

Whenever someone decides to do my makeup for a photo shoot, the process involves me cursing my eyes. My good friend Jed, who often does my makeup, literally has to put on a hefty layer of eyeliner just so they’ll come out in photos. And yes, it looks funny whenever I close my eyes – like really…. have you seen pandas?


14. Masarap sa Wai Ying

Wai Ying is not the only restaurant that serves Chinese food. There are actually LOTS of them to explore. It makes me a bit sad that it’s the only mainstream establishment, while there are a lot of others that are definitely underrated.

13. Being extremely frugal and stingy

This is one of the stereotypes I have to admit is true. While there are those who actually spend unnecessarily like me, there are also those who are so un-generous that it’s embarrassing. It’s probably really part of Chinese nature, though.

12. Not being able to laugh too much because -.-

Yes, I have a thin view, which decreases to a mere line whenever I hear something funny.


11. Getting the eye on Chinese-Philippine issues

Okay. When the Scarborough Shoal territorial issue came into the picture, I had a professor in college who decided to make a joke out of it by saying, “Huwag kang tumabi diyan, baka agawin ka rin niya.” (Don’t sit beside her, she might steal you, too.) I wasn’t exactly offended, but it bothered me to realize that we were being generalized that way.

10. Having a business… in 168/ Divisoria

These two have somewhat became a combination. I was asked a few times whether or not our family had a business. Though my answer was a stereotyped ‘yes’, it was followed by an immediate question as to whether or not we have a store somewhere in Divisoria. This is not always the case… but we actually do. Lol!

9. Hopia, siopao, lumpia, tikoy manufacturers

Need I say more? I don’t think I need to post this as a status whenever Chinese New Year is coming, yes? Still funny, though.


8. Being in a fixed marriage

I do have some Chinese friends (who are not even 100% Chinese, for that matter) who are being introduced to friends’ sons and daughters with hopes of marriage. Like wow, it does happen.