15 Reasons Why Brazillian Japanese Arthur Nory Is The Athlete Of Your Dreams

22 year old Brazillian gymnast Arthur Nory caught people’s attention after competing in this year’s Rio Olympics. Aside from the obvious fact that Arthur is a great athlete, we’ve compiled 15 reasons why he is the man of your dreams:

1. Look at all the potential!

arthur norySource: Flickr.com

2. Arthur carries his weight around.. literally!

arthur nory 2Source: Andreajoao.blogspot.com

3. ..and singlehandedly.

arthur nory 3Source: Zimbio.com

4. He is also the sweetest.

arthur nory 4Source: Tumblr.com

5. He can be your superman!

arthur nory 6Source: colunadovale.com

6. He seems like he’s a very focused lad

arthur nory 7Source: famousfeet.blogspot.com

7. Arthur is a winner.

Arthur nory 8Source: Twitter.com

8. He makes air splits look so hot

arthur nory 9Source: Alanilagan.com

9. And he makes everything seem so effortless

arthur nory 10Source: Zimbio.com

10. Arthur likes long walks on the beach….

arthur nory 11Source: rickymedeiros.com


arthur nory 12 Source: Youtube.com

13. Arthur looks like this on any given day.

arthur nory 13Source: alanilagan.com

14. Arthur makes spandex (?) look good – which says a lot.

arthur nory 14Source: diariodonordeste.verdesmares.com.br

15. Arthur will fight for you.. even against Zac Efron!

artthur nory 15

What do you think?


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