15 Prettiest Radio DJs in Manila…. Part 2!

A few months ago, we decided to gather Manila’s 15 prettiest DJs in Manila. That post went viral, with many of our readers agreeing with our list, but others complaining why we didn’t include certain DJs. So we decided to add up on the list and properly credit these pretty faces! Just like how we looked for our top 15, we listened to all radio stations, looked for the female DJs, and fell in love with their enchanting voices. Then we stalked them online and found out everything we could about them. We decided to listen to them first because real beauty is found on the inside – but looking great is an added bonus! Not only do these girls have gorgeous voices and a razor-sharp sense of humor, they look fantastic, too!

Here are the 15 prettiest DJs in Manila… Part 2!


15 Prettiest DJs in Manila.... Part 2 15 DJ Tess Mosa

30. DJ Tess Mosa (91.5 Win Radio)

Let’s start our new list with Win Radio’s Tess Mosa. This Filipina beauty may be named after a person who likes to gossip, but her beauty is nothing but the truth. Her stories on love and relationships have made her an instant favorite to her “behs,” her nickname for her listeners, but we’d give anything just to be her only beh.


15 Prettiest DJs in Manila.... Part 2 14 Suzy

29. DJSuzy (Magic 89.9)

If there’s one word to describe Magic’s DJ Suzy, it would have to be adorable. Her mega-watt smile complements her naughty and nice personality on radio. This combination of sweet and dirty keeps men up during lunch, but we suspect her charm will play a bigger role when she switches to TV, because she should!


 15 Prettiest DJs in Manila.... Part 2 7 DJ Chiqui

28. DJ Chiqui (Wave 89.1)

DJ Chiqui made a name for herself for her sense of humor and her voice, but what really hooks the men in is her laugh. But for those who have seen her, everything melts away when they see her smile. And when you combine all four, you’re dead. 


15 Prettiest DJs in Manila.... Part 2 12 Lyka Barista

27. Lyka Barista (90.7 Love Radio)

Lyka may be one of the wackiest DJs on air, but only someone like her can make that wackiness look cute. It takes skill to balance the two, but it takes greater skill to add sexiness to the mix. Lyka does it so well. When asked how sexy she is, she answered, “It’s for me to know and for you to find out.”


15 Prettiest DJs in Manila.... Part 2 11 Maria Morena

26. Maria Morena (Yes FM)

Maria Morena based her radio name on her complexion and she is darn proud of it. Why not? She knows how to rock it. In fact, she once said that she won’t take whitening supplements even if it’s free. Whether its posing like a model or smiling like a toothpaste endorser, Maria Morena can pull both looks off. And she has a wacky side, too: she likes to rub her armpits and smell her hands (But look at how smooth those armpits are!).


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