15 People Share When They Realized That Their Significant Other WASN’T ‘The One’

Now that Valentine’s Day is over and all the lovey-dovey messages have been posted; it’s time for single and bitter me to break the monotony and shower you with hilarious stories on when people realized that their significant other WASN’T The One.

We crowdsourced these answers from Filipino netizens, some of which chose to remain anonymous so as to avoid further drama in their lives.

15 People Share When They Realized That Their Significant Other WASN’T ‘The One’

15. The Thief

“When he used my money that I left with him to keep for odds, then wouldn’t pay me back.”

14. The Double Whammy

“When I saw pictures of him flirting with another girl 2 days before my birthday.” – Jean Aquino

13. The Cheat

“When she told me she wanted a man who will prioritize her and treat her like a princess after going out with another guy while we were still together.”

12. The Crybaby

“He got mad and shamed me for fangirling over Rapmon from BTS because I shouldn’t be calling anyone else ‘baby’ but him.” – Therese Aseoche

11. The Passion Killer

“When she wanted me to stop playing gigs.”

10. The Juggler

“When I found out she was juggling several of us at once.”

9. We don’t even have words for this.

“When she forbid me to eat isaw.”

8. Or this.

“She sucked someone else’s ____.”

7. The Bisexual

“He didn’t just have a lot of girls. He also had a lot of guys.”

6. The One with No Standards

“When I saw that he cheated on me with someone who looks like a horse.” – Ria Lumandog

5. The Privileged One

“When I realized he’s too comfortable in his privileged bubble, so he couldn’t understand why I’m so pressed about local politics. He always thinks I’m arguing or trying to pick a fight when I’m just simply expressing my opinion.”

4. The Grammar Noob

“When I read his report for class and saw that he used ‘there’ when he should have used ‘their’.” – Eillen Jayne Trinidad

3. The Social Climber

“When I realized he spent more than his income. Since he was always in debt, I suggested to limit our dates in a month, so he could save, but nope.” – Bea Osteria

2. The Virgin

“When I no longer felt aroused by him because he didn’t know anything about foreplay. What about the future, right?”

1. Obviously Not The One

“When his dreams and openmindedness weren’t at par with mine.” – Melissa Profeta

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