15 Food YouTubers Who Will Make You Hungry

If there’s one thing Filipinos love, it’s food. Whether it’s sweet or savory, food is always something we enjoy. We enjoy it so much that we’d even binge-watch food on the Internet. With that said, this list of Filipino YouTubers will show you just how good Filipino food is.  

  1. ForkSpoonManila 

We all know ForkSpoonManila as one of the drool-worthy content creators on Instagram. Their feed is so beautifully created that it can instantly make you go hungry in an instant. But did you know that they also have an equally drool-worthy YouTube channel? Make sure to check it out below. 

  1. Richie Zamora | The Pickiest Eater In The World 

Just as he says in his video introduction, Richie Zamora is a food vlogger that is in it to take his audience to his favorite places to eat, relax, and have a good time. What started out as a blog site in 2010 is now a YouTube channel, and it’s just as good as his website. He is known for being picky for what he eats so you can be sure that whatever he recommends on his channel is downright good food. 

  1. Neill Richard

Neill Richard aka “Boy Umay” is one of the most energetic Filipino food YouTubers out there. True to his nickname, Neill Richard eats to his heart’s content. He eats to the point that even viewers can feel the “umay”. He is the embodiment of a Filipino that just loves eating, and it’s definitely fun to watch!  

  1. Carl Chuidian | The Chui Show

A fairly new channel that started only a year ago, The Chui Show is a comedy food review channel. Hosted by Carl, he travels through different places to taste their various delicacies. So whether you’re up for something informational or just down for some food adventure, this channel is right for you. 

  1. Nadia Montenegro | Cucina ni Nadia

Beyond the small screen, Nadia is also a self-proclaimed mompreneur and homecook. She shares her recipes through her YouTube channel. What we love about Nadia is that her tending and caring personality always comes off the screen. You can make sure that all the recipes she cooks up is filled with a mother’s love. If you wanna try them out, make sure to drop by her channel! 

  1. Danica Sotto-Pingris | KusiNicaPH

We all know Danica Sotto as one of the Philippines’ renowned actresses, but did you know that she’s a great cook too? She shares recipes passed down in her family through her YouTube channel, KusiNicaPh. Her videos are as comforting as a mother’s home-cooked meal. Make sure to check them out! 

  1. Joel Mondina | Pambansang Kolokoy

Joel Mondina’s channel, “Pambansang Kolokoy” is a channel he shares with his son, CJ, and wife, Marites. His claim-to-fame was his Ilocano Tatang videos that went viral because of his funny and relatable skits. While he’s still doing funny videos, he also does mukbangs and cooking demonstrations for his subscribers in Pambansang Kolokoy. His warm and funny demeanor will definitely make eating entertaining. 

  1. Hungry Cakes

Becky from Hungry Cakes is a Filipino-American ASMR mukbang YouTuber based in the United States. She first started vlogging three years ago, and slowly shot up to fame ever since. From taking a spoonful of spaghetti to having a generous bite of pizza, we love how she makes everything so drool-worthy. 

  1. Mark and Miller

Mark and Miller is a Filipino food duo that specializes in backyard cooking. Their Kapampangan background makes them an ace of savory Filipino cuisine. Not only do they make the food look good, but they also make cooking fun as well. If you’re up for some traditional Filipino cooking, make sure to check their channel out. 

  1. Charm Concepcion 

Charm Concepcion is as charming as her name. She is a lifestyle and food vlogger that started doing YouTube in 2018. She does mukbangs, taste tests, and our personal favorite, cookbangs, where she prepares the food and eats them right after. We love how Charm carefully describes the flavors of everything she’s eating making us feel like we’re eating the food with her. 

  1. Benson Dulos | Pinilakang Lakbay 

Benson is an OFW working in Finland who started making vlogs a year ago to celebrate his home, the Philippines. Today, he has almost 100,000 subscribers on his main channel, Pinilakang Lakbay. His kind demeanor makes watching his vlogs as delightful as the food he’s eating. We love how Benson just genuinely enjoys eating his home-cooked Filipino meals. After a day of work, those plates of lechon kawali and crispy pata are definitely worth it. 

  1. Vanjo Merano | Panlasang Pinoy 

Vanjo is an IT professional with a passion for cooking. Despite being based in the United States, he started making cooking vlogs to remind him of the taste of home. Panlasang Pinoy is so warm and welcoming that it makes it seem like cooking is easy, even for a beginner. So if you want some tips on how to make that trademark adobo, make sure to visit his channel. 

  1. KellyChews

Kelly is one of the most enjoyable mukbang vloggers in the Philippines. She only started YouTube a year ago but she now has over 500,000 subscribers, and with good reason. Kelly’s bubbly personality instantly brightens the screen. We love how she just simply enjoys the food and shows just how well a Filipina eats. She eats food so deliciously that it’s making us crave too. If you’re one who loves mukbangs, make sure to check her channel out. 

  1. Erwan Heusaff | The Fat Kid Inside

Erwan is one of the most well-known home cooks here in the Philippines. What started out as a simple vlog of his recipes turned into a full-blown production house that creates food and travel content. For Erwan and his team in The Fat Kid Inside, they don’t just make any cooking video. He makes sure that his videos are as pleasing to the eyes as they are to the palate. What we also love about him is how he incorporates food in his travel videos, making us look forward to the sights and tastes of every place he visits. 

  1. Judy Ann’s Kitchen 

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo is an actress we all know and love. From the 90s hit Esperanza to the superhero fantasy, Krystala, Juday never fails to give her best on the screen. But more than an award-winning actress, Judy Ann is also a very talented cook. She shares her recipes and love for food through her channel, Judy Ann’s Kitchen. Here, we see a glimpse of genuinely good home-cooked Filipino food sprinkled with the humor and charm only Juday has. 


So whether you’re looking for new recipes or you just love food in general, watch these YouTubers because they’ll surely give you a feast for the eyes. 

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