15 Cute and Unique Christmas Decorations for Your Home

The -Ber months are here and, to Filipinos, that means that the preparations for the holidays have begun! Everywhere you go, you’ll see Christmas decorations already being hung as Jose Marie Chan and Mariah Carey serenade you over the speakers. And while Christmas Day is still four months away, it doesn’t really hurt to get into the holiday spirit in your own home too!

So this 9.9 sale, check out these cute and unique Christmas decorations on Shopee that will transform your homes into a winter wonderland!

1. Nordic-style Christmas Tree

Nordic style Christmas Tree shopee

If you live in a small space or just want something to give you a little Christmas cheer on your office desk, this simple yet adorable Nordic-style Christmas Tree would be perfect for you! Made with soft plush material, you’ll be tempted to display these at every nook and cranny of your humble abode. BUY it here!

2. Mini Artificial Potted Tree

Mini Artificial Potted Tree

These mini trees give off that rustic aesthetic for those whose homes or rooms match the vibe. It’s great for people who just want a tiny tree for their apartment instead of a huge one! BUY it here!

3. Transparent Round Hanging Balls

Transparent Round Hanging Balls

If you’ve got that creative spirit when decorating your homes for the holidays, why not purchase these transparent Christmas balls that you can put in any decor your want that’s in theme with the vibe you’re going for? Let your creativity fly! BUY it here!

4. Christmas Tree Candle Holder

Christmas Tree Candle Holder

Perfect as a table centerpiece or as room decor, this beautiful candle holder in the shape of a Christmas tree will definitely catch the eyes of your guests during your holiday parties or dinners. BUY it here!

5. DIY Santa Music Box

DIY Santa Music

Here’s something fun you can do with family or friends over the holiday break! This LEGO-inspired Santa Music Box is to be assembled on your own and becomes a toy that’s interactive (you can rotate the decoration inside by cranking the knob!) as well as an adorable decoration. BUY it here!

6. Elegant Golden Candle Holder Wreath

Elegant Golden Candle Holder Wreath

Love setting up candles at home? Set up these gorgeous-looking golden candle holders that are shaped into wreaths with white roses around your home! BUY it here!

7. Handmade Abaca Reindeer Decor

Handmade Abaca Reindeer Decor

Often overlooked when hunting for Christmas decorations is Santa’s reindeer, and these handmade ornaments would sit wonderfully well on top of your shelves, windowsills, on the floor, by your tree, or anywhere you’d want them to hang around! They’re also made with abaca, so you can customize them any way you want. You can even place an order if you want them in 2-foot, 3-foot, or 4-foot sizes. BUY it here!

8. Personalized Tree Ornaments

Personalized Tree Ornaments

Express your love for family with these adorable tree ornaments by Papemelroti that you can have custom-made to represent you and your loved ones, even your pets! They also make great Christmas gifts for friends. BUY it here!

9. Tiny Belen or Nativity Set

Tiny Belen or Nativity Set

Looking for a Nativity set for your Christian home? You may want to add this adorably made resin belen from Papemelroti to your cart! It’s designed by Papemelroti’s own graphic artists and only takes up a small space on your shelf or your table. BUY it here!

10. Abaca Christmas Angel

Abaca Christmas Angel

Every tree has to have a topper, so top it with this sustainably made Christmas angel that’s handcrafted with local materials of abaca and sinamay. Truly delightful! BUY it here!

11. Christmas-Themed Wine Bottle Cover

Christmas Themed Wine Bottle Cover

What’re the holidays without the drinks? Expect to bring out all the wine and alcohol you have stored inside your cabinets—but instead of just showcasing them as is, dress them up for the occasion with these themed bottle covers so they could double as decorations too! BUY it here!

12. Christmas-Themed Chair Covers

Christmas Themed Chair Covers

And why stop with the wine bottles? Dress up your furniture too with these adorable holiday-themed chair covers that your party guests would definitely love! BUY it here!

13. Gold Artificial Leaves for your Christmas Tree

Gold Artificial Leaves

Spruce up your Christmas Tree with these glitzy golden artificial leaves that will turn your tree from dull greenery into “luxury” home decor! BUY it here!

14. Champagne Santa Hats

Champagne Santa Hats

For those who love to entertain over the holidays, you may want to add this to your cart! It’s a tiny Santa hat that you can attach to each champagne glass that would give them that cute holiday flair whenever you pass around the drinks. BUY it here!

15. Santa Hat Cutlery Sleeves

Santa Hat Cutlery Sleeves

Expecting a ton of holiday feasts at home? These tiny Santa hats that can hold your guests’ cutlery at the dinner table are a great touch and will surely impress them all! BUY it here!

Find more unique Christmas decorations on Shopee!

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