14 Horror First Date Stories That Will Make You Say No to Every Invite

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February. Ah, the love month. This is a time when we’ll be divided, between those who are happily in love and those who are aren’t as lucky. Whichever camp you are in, I’m sure you’ve gone on first dates. First encounters are usually awkward as the attendees try to find their footing and look for common ground, but we wondered: are there horrible first dates?

We asked our readers and compiled our favorites:

1. A cleanup gone wrong

“We were supposed to do a cute coastal walk but we ended up stopping mid-way by the water/at a park to drink a bottle of wine. There was a bottle shop nearby so we went to get a second bottle and then a third. I was drunk but functional and we started walking back to the nearest station. He threw up and passed out for half an hour during the walk.”

2. When she took too long in the restroom

“Went to a bar with him in the late afternoon. Ran into a friend in said bar. Went to the banyo to pee and my friend was there, too, so we talked for a bit before going back to my date. Drunk as f*ck date started shouting at me and accused me of doing drugs with my friend in the banyo. I left.”

3. He’s a talker

“Sooooo the guy and I have been talking online for around two years. We really got along and we finally decided to meet! When we met up, he never allowed me to finish a sentence. He’d always butt in and he would always find a way to make the topic about himself no matter how unrelated it was. I thought to myself that after dinner, that’s it—we’ll just split. But, he wanted coffee and I couldn’t say no because he knew I didn’t have any plans anyway. So while walking to the coffee shop, he kept talking about himself and whatever he wanted that I told myself if I stopped walking, he wouldn’t notice. True enough, he only realized I wasn’t walking beside him anymore after about three blocks. While having coffee, it was just him running the show, never allowing me to even throw in a word because he’d just speak over me or would tell me that I should let him finish…which never did.”

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4. He ruined Avatar for her

“We’ve known each other since elementary, he’s two years older than me. He wanted to watch Avatar that time, so sige nag-go ako. In the middle of the movie he tried to make a move, I can feel his face na lumalapit sa akin, I felt uncomfortable but hinayaan ko lang. He tried to kiss me but nope, ayoko. After the movie, my gosh, ayain ako agad sa house nila para matulog! Little did I know may nabuntis na pala siyang girl that time. After that, I didn’t talk to him anymore. That’s why unforgettable ang Avatar sakin. Sinira niya yung movie.”

5. Oops, wrong send

“Met up with someone for the first time who I didn’t know what she looked like. We’ve been talking online for a week or two by then. Early online stuff. Tapos when we saw each other, ayon‘Di ko pala siya trip. We were doing some small talk, tapos I texted my best friend na ‘Disappointed.’ Tapos comes this convo:

Girl: Ba’t ka nagtext?
Me: (confused) Ha?
Girl: Ito o, sabi mo ‘disappointed’.
Me: (panicking) Uhm ah nooo was talking about my officemate’s girlfriend, we met her tapos disappointed kami sa kanya *awkward laugh*

We had our food then we separated. I went to an inuman after with officemates then I got a text from the girl: ‘Hi! It was nice to meet you, sorry if you were disappointed.’

6. Trying to be time-efficient

“We were gonna watch a movie eh there wasn’t anything showing within the timeframe we were there. And he said, ‘wanna have sex instead?'”

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7. The complainer

“Met this guy in an out of town trip and when we got back, he asked me out. He chose the place, what to do, and when. During the date, he complains about the chosen place, the chosen activity, and the chosen time and day. Again, he arranged everything. He complained about everything. After, he asked me to eat at Ramen Nagi. I figured, he had the money to pay for it. Siya nagyaya e. I wanted to go home. We got inside, sat down, looked at the menu and he says, ‘bakit ang mahal!!!!’ So to shut him up, I said “sige, libre ko na to,” and he gave a huge sigh of relief. While walking me to the P2P, he said ‘I only have a few items in my room. Mga 15 items yata.’ Then he asked me if I have a lot of stuff and I said yes because I like collecting things. He responded by saying ‘materialistic ka pala!’ Then he ends the night by saying ‘had fun. We should hang out again.’ I was in shock. I think we were on different dates. Needless to say, no second date.

8. Openminded ka ba?

“Ito na nga, sis. Nag-match kami sa Bumble then bet niya na magkita kami kasi super aliw daw siyang kausap ako. Mumsh, excited me. Di ako nag-OT, nilaban ko talagang mag-out on time para magkita kami kasi ang cute ni koya sa pictures. Tapos, that night na magkikita kami sabi ko gutom ako, kain kami ng dinner. Eh di pa daw siya gutom, bet daw nya mag-coffee and cake lang para makapagkwentuhan kami. Edi sabi ko, okay let’s have coffee. Aba sis, nung naguusap na kami, si koya mo, siya lang kwento ng kwento. Di man lang ako makaentrada ng kwento, beh, gusto niya yata star of the night siya. Then biglang kabig ng ‘actually may business ako, aalukin sana kita if you want to join.’ Hindi ako aware na job interview pala yung pinasok ko at hindi date.”

9. The third wheel

“We were having a nice time then his best friend who he was in love with joined us and they asked me to leave.”

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10. Miss Universe standards?

“Went to Manila para mag-take ng college entrance exam. ‘Online boyfriend’ from Quezon City asked to meet up sa Cubao, since dun babaan ng bus from probinsya. Hi, hello at kumustahan lang, umalis na din agad ako dahil may exam pa kinabukasan. Tapos ayun, nag-text na I should lose weight, dapat daw 120lbs lang!”

11. Jowa kagad?

“Back in college, I had a first date where the guy was already demanding that I delete any photos on Facebook I had with any guys, insisted on us taking a photo and have our picture as both our profile pictures, and proceeded to tell me that I can’t have any more guy friends, and all my lunch breaks, even those that are only 30 minutes long, should be with him every single day.”

12. Does this story count?

“If she didn’t show up after waiting for almost eight hours? Does it count?”

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13. Ay, freeloader

Nagaya siya ng dinner, and I waited for three hours. Pagdating niya, he said “where to?” and I simply replied “I thought dinner?” Sabi niya, “ Huh? kumain na ako eh, samahan nalang kita kumain” so pumunta kami sa restaurant. Alangan naman na ako lang kakain so nagorder siya. In the end hindi man lang nag-offer na split bill or sagot na niya since siya nagaya ng dinner at three hours akong naghintay. Ako nagbayad ng bill. No problem kung ako magbayad pero wala kang narinig na sorry late siya. Nagdahilan na lang ako na umuwi na after kumain so nag-insist siyang ihatid ako sa sakayan sa may Pasay Rotonda. Nagpara siya ng taxi, ako din pala magbabayad.

14. The fan

“The guy bought us a tall iced tea from Starbucks to share (tapos siya pa uminom ng most of it ayaw niya bigay sakin) and for the next hour, he just kept making jokes about Steve Harvey. Like, he literally talked about nothing else except Steve Harvey. For an hour.”

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