14 Apps and Tech Companies Meant to Make Your Life More Convenient

Words by: Kat Mayuga
Infographics by: Joselle Fajardo

With technology developing fast, people are starting to learn how to minimize problems or maximize convenience with just a click of a button. These are the kind of people that TECHtonic wants to help. TECHtonic 2017 is a tech innovation event that aims to promote start-up companies with tech innovations that can be useful to a lot of people.

The event was full of bright ideas and breakthrough technologies that will amaze even the non-science fans. These different companies create products that cater to different people so everyone will find an app that will surely be useful to them. We have rounded up some of the companies that caught our attention:

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For the ones who value convenience:

14 Companies That Caught Our Attention in TECHtonic

14. Jazzypay

If you hate falling in line to pay for bills, you should check out Jazzypay. Jazzypay aims to bring convenience by allowing you to securely pay for school tuition fee or even medical bills anytime and anywhere through your phone.

13. Lalamove

Did you forget to bring your charger? Or do you need to send someone a box of chocolates but have no time to meet? Fret not because Lalamove is here to help. With this app, you can deliver anything to anyone in Metro Manila anytime. Yes! Lalamove operates 24/7 so you wouldn’t have to wait until the next day to deliver your item.

For the tech-savvy:

14 Companies That Caught Our Attention in TECHtonic

12. Imagine AR

If you’re not familiar with Augmented Reality (AR), it’s a technology that modifies the view of the real world and overlays computer graphics on top of it (see the video below to see AR in action). Imagine AR produces programs like that. In one of the demos, I saw how a cardboard turned into a house on the mobile screen while allowing the user to explore the inside of the house, change its wall colors, and view the details of the different pieces of furniture inside.

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11. I Am Cardboard PH

If you’re tech-savvy, you’ve probably seen one of those headsets that people use to immerse in a computer-generated environment. I Am Cardboard PH makes a lot of those headsets in different styles and designs.

For the ones who always run out of parking space:


10. Fetch

Do you love how ride-sharing apps lessen your worries about parking but hate that you can’t use your own car? Fetch is the answer to that problem. It is an app that offers valet parking service so you can bring your car without worrying where to park. Just submit your pick-up point and a valet attendant will meet with you.

9. Dibz

If you don’t want to worry about parking spaces but are reluctant to let someone else drive your car, Dibz might be the better option for you. Dibz allows you to search parking spaces around selected areas in Metro Manila and reserve it right on your phone.

You never have to stress about Parking. #DibzNow

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