13 Quirky and Cute Water Bottles to Get for Your Kids

Face-to-face classes are back! This means that parents have to prepare their kids for a day or two at school. That means stocking up on essential items such as lunch boxes and water bottles.

Encourage your kids to drink more water and stay hydrated throughout the day with adorable water bottle designs!

Here are 13 cute water bottles you can get for your kids:

Insulated Water Bottle

tyeso bottle

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These insulated water bottles have been trending all over the internet because of how they can keep drinks ice-cold all throughout the day.

If your kid enjoys ice-cold water throughout the day, this is definitely the water bottle for them. It also has a handle for easy carrying around the school. Buy this insulated water bottle here!

Unicorn Donut Bottle

donut bottle

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This adorable donut-shaped water bottle is perfect for toddlers who love all things unicorn. The unique donut water bottle is also a lot easier for their tiny hands to grip. This bottle comes with a wearable strap for your kid as well. Buy this unicorn donut bottle here!

Motivational Bottle

motivational bottle

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This water bottle is great if you really want to make sure that your kid drinks enough water for the rest of the day. The time markers and motivational quotes on this bottle make it easier to make sure they’re hydrated. Buy this motivational water bottle here!

Bear Bottle

bear bottle

Photo from Shopee

This super cute bear bottle is a great option for kids who actually like to bring toys with them to school. This bottle is shaped and designed like a teddy bear, except it’s not exactly as cuddly as the real one. Still, your kid is sure to enjoy bringing this water bottle around and will be sure to stay hydrated. Buy this bear bottle here!

Yakult-inspired Bottle

yakult bottle

Photo from Shopee

If your kid loves drinking Yakult, then they’d definitely enjoy drinking refreshing water from this cute Yakult-inspired water bottle. It comes in a variety of designs, with some transparent bottles and some white bottles. It’s also easy to hold thanks to its design. Buy this Yakult-inspired water bottle here!

2-in-1 Water Bottle

2 in 1 bottle

Photo from Shopee

This cute 2-in-1 water bottle is a great option if you want to give your kids an extra refreshing treat aside from water. This bottle has two compartments that can be used for two different drinks. Water and iced tea? No problem! Buy this 2-in-1 water bottle here!

Bamboo Tumbler

bamboo tumbler

Photo from Shopee

Want something more eco-friendly? This bamboo tumbler is for you and your child. It’s sleek and quite slender, making it easy to fit inside your kid’s bag. It can also be personalized with their name to make sure it doesn’t get lost. Buy this bamboo tumbler here!

Flat Water Bottle

flat bottle

Photo from Shopee

If your kid doesn’t want to bring around anything bulky, this flat water bottle is the perfect option. It can be just as big as a regular-sized book, so it can fit right in with their notebooks and school books. Buy this flat water bottle here!

Foldable Water Bottle

folding bottl

Photo from Shopee

This silicone folding water bottle is a great choice for an emergency water bottle. It easily folds up into a tiny wad of silicone, yet has a capacity of 600 mL. Perfect for saving space at the end of the day. Buy this foldable water bottle here!

White & Transparent Bottle

white bottle

Photo from Shopee

If your kid wants something more stylish and IG-worthy, they will easily love this white and transparent water bottle. It features a rectangular design with a built-in straw for easy drinking. Buy this white & transparent water bottle here!

Pikachu Water Bottle

pikachu bottle

Photo from Shopee

Is your kida huge Pokemon fan? They will love drinking from this adorable Detective Pikachu water bottle. It also has a built-in straw, and it even includes Detective Pikachu’s iconic hat. Buy this Pikachu water bottle here!

Camera-inspired Water Bottle

camera bottle

Photo from Shopee

This adorable water bottle is designed to look like a colorful camera! It’s complete with a “camera lens” and even a strap for easy carrying. It also has a built-in straw. It’s the perfect water bottle for budding photographers. Buy this camera-inspired water bottle here!

Watermelon-inspired Bottle

watermelon bottle

Photo from Shopee

Here’s another uniquely designed water bottle. This one is designed like a watermelon slice! With its summer-y vibe, we’re sure that this cute bottle makes water even more refreshing. Buy this watermelon-inspired bottle here!

Find more cute and unique water bottles for your kids on Shopee here.

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