13 celebs we’d love to see at AsiaPOP Comicon

AsiaPOP Comicon is just around the corner! OMG! We’re so excited!

While the line-up’s already been announced, it’s never too late to dream of some surprise additions, right? These are the 13 celebrities we’d LOVE to see at APCC!

13. Sophie Turner

Sansa Stark has been stealing our hearts for so long now that we’d love to have her do it in person! The Game of Thrones star would have people flocking by the hundreds just to meet Winterfell’s Queen in the North (I stand by this). Sophie Turner is such a charismatic, beautiful person and we’re so sure she would be a hit alongside…

12. Maisie Williams

Who could ever forget Arya Stark, the girl who was No One but then reclaimed her name? Our Needle-wielding Stark girl whose luck constantly ran out throughout the show has wowed us time and again with how she can adapt and survive. It’ll be a no-brainer that we’d love to see her and maybe even ask for some sword fighting advice! 😉

11. Sebastian Stan

Not only had the Winter Soldier showed us that he really, truly loves his fans, he’s also so charismatic at conventions that he almost always steals the show! With his laid-back attitude and good-natured humor, he’d blend right in! He also *loves* being around his fans and taking the funniest photos with them. We love him (love him).

10. The Russo brothers

The men behind many of the Marvel films, the Russo brothers! This dynamic duo has been producing some of the craziest, most heart-stopping films in the MCU and we’d love to pick their brains for what went through their heads when putting those films together. Also, I need to know what happens next. TELL ME!

9. Zachary Quinto

Our favorite Vulcan! I’m sure many of have questions about how to live long and prosper and who better to field these questions than Spock himself? Also, I really need to know how he gets his eyebrows like that. For… science.

8. Adam Driver

While I can amuse myself for days on the EmoKyloRen Twitter account, I’m so sure there’s no one better-qualified to talk about the character than Adam Driver. Driver portrays our favorite tantrum-throwing half-Solo half-Skywalker anti-hero and the complexity of his character alone will definitely have me sitting through a panel with him! I’d love to hear his thoughts on his own character!

7. Oscar Isaac

Of course! We can’t have the dark side without the light! Why not our new favorite flyboy? Not only is he world-endingly handsome, he’s also so charming and so energized about his role that I would enjoy listening to him talk about the Star Wars universe for hours (although to be fair, I’d listen to him talk about celery for hours, too).

6. Jodie Whittaker

The newest doctor! I’d love to hear her talk lore and how she’s making breakthroughs being the first female doctor and all! I also would love to know her take on the entire series and her new team. She also sounds pretty solid and seems to be the type to be funny when answering questions. More power to her! <3

5. D.B. Weiss and David Benioff

The minds behind Game of Thrones. I need to know what’s stewing in there, too. Not just because I need to know what happens next (okay–maybe a little) but because I wanna know how exactly they mapped out these crazy twists in the show. These two have made the show so exciting for me and for everyone around the world still asking the question: Who will end up on the Iron Throne?

4. Tom Kenny

The man who voiced our childhood. We’re not sure exactly how he does it but he does and we’ve retained so many voices in our heads because of him. Included him here because of how much I love Spongebob and the Ice King from Adventure Time and because I’d love to hear Tom Kenny do some rapid-fire voice acting. I feel like it’d be super cool.

3. Pendleton Ward

The man who brought us Adventure Time! I love that show. I think it’s so creative and fun and upbeat and I’d love to know what kind of creative process Ward went through to make it happen. I also love his fashion sense, he reminds me of Jake the dog in this photo.

2. Jensen Ackles

Supernatural is one of the oldest fandoms out there and we’re so sure that the fangirls will be coming out of the woodwork for this one if he shows up in APCC. Heck, even if he showed up to a random mall to buy air freshener, fangirls would know. They’re that powerful. We’d love to get his perspective on the show and his character. And maybe stare appreciatively at his jaw.

1. The kids from Stranger Things

They’re all adorable and it’s kind of unfair how put-together they all are considering I, a fan, am a decade older (probably) but still not even a fraction of how dignified they are. They’re so cute but so professional! And so funny together when answering questions! If we got them all in one convention, I’d be living for it.

Are there any other celebs you’d like to see? Let us know!


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