12-Year-Old Nigerian Awarded for Making Math Easier to Learn

Chika Ofili is a 12-year-old Nigerian boy, who is based in the UK, and has recently been awarded for discovering a new mathematical formula that makes math easier to learn.

According to his math teacher at Westminster Under School, Chika had discovered the formula after a holiday assignment involving a book called First Steps for Problem Solvers, which contains several divisibility tests. Apparently, the book doesn’t contain tests for checking divisibility by 7 because there isn’t any easy test to do that. Or at least, there wasn’t. Thanks to Chika, there is now an easier way.

Chika discovered that you can take the last digit of any whole number, multiply it by 5, and add that to the remaining part of the number to a new number. If that new number is divisible by 7, then the original number is also divisible by 7.

After demonstrating this formula to the faculty of his school, the theory was tested and algebraic proof was then written for it. The discovery has bagged Chika a special award for recognition.

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