12 White Organizers and Storage Options for Your All-White Kitchen

Choosing the color white for any room or space instantly makes everything a lot brighter and cleaner looking. If you’ve decided on an all-white kitchen, kudos to you! You can enjoy a bright and airy atmosphere while you’re cooking your delicious meals.

Of course, it’s important to maintain your kitchen’s clean and bright vibe at all times. To keep your kitchen as clean, organized, and decluttered as possible, here are white organizers and storage options from Shopee for your all-white kitchen:

mug holder

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12. This mug holder helps your precious mugs stay safe while saving a lot of space. There’s no need to allocate a whole drawer or cabinet for your mugs thanks to this upright mug holder tree. It also makes your mugs a lot more accessible for your morning coffee.

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dish organizer

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11. This simple dish organizer helps save space because it keeps your plates and bowls upright. Its minimalist and modern design also lets you organize your plates in such a stylish way.

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white spicejars

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10. This ceramic spice jar set is a must-have if you love stocking up on spices. These spice jars have a clean minimalistic design that will make your pantry pleasing to the eyes. The set also includes bamboo lids to keep your food safe.

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coffee holder

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9. If you’re an espresso lover and you still have no idea where to keep your coffee capsules, this minimalist coffee capsule holder is the answer to your problem. It’s sleek and space saving, so you don’t have to keep your capsules in a box or a drawer. Your coffee will be more accessible with this stylish capsule storage.

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dish drainer

Photo from Shopee

8. Dry your dishes in style with this minimalist dish drainer. It features an all white body with sleek railings for all types of dinnerare. It also has a wooden handle on both sides for easy transport. This dish drainer includes a tray underneath to keep your sink mess-free.

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utensil holder

Photo from Shopee

7. This stylish utensil holder is a lot more elegant than it has to be. It features transparent glass holders for your utensils with holes in the bottom to keep it from filling up with moisture. These glasses are then held by a white and wood rack to keep it upright. It’s so stylish!

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Photo from Shopee

6. Who says you have to neglect your cleaning materials? With this minimalist kitchen sink caddy, you can store your dishwashing soap, sponge, and other kitchen cleaning materials in style! This sink caddy can stand on its own and can also be hung on your kitchen wall. It includes a detachable water catcher to make sure that your sponge dries up without having to make a mess in your kitchen.

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desktop rac

Photo from Shopee

5. If you need extra storage space on your countertop, this minimalist desktop rack is a great option. It has two stylish racks where you can store your condiments, fruits and vegetables, or even kitchen tools. THe iron material makes sure that it can hold up whatever you’ll store in it.

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tissue holder

Photo from Shopee

4. Don’t let your kitchen tissue paper stay exposed outside and ruin your kitchen’s aesthetic! Get this pretty minimalist tissue holder for yourself. Its stylish Nordic-style design will make even simple tissue paper look amazing.

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rice dispenser

Photo from Shopee

3. This minimalist rice storage will keep those unsightly rice sacks out of your beautiful kitchen. This storage option also lets you access your rice with ease thanks to the dispenser at the bottom. Of course, it’s safe to say that this stylish rice storage will look amazing on your countertop thanks to its minimalist design.

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white baskets

Photo from Shopee

2. These white storage baskets will help keep your pantry clutter-free. Thanks to its minimalist design, you can keep your food items out of sight with ease. There’s no need to hide your canned goods and instant noodles in the closets! Just store them in these storage baskets and you get to keep the clean and bright aesthetic of your kitchen.

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white rack

Photo from Shopee

1. Need extra space in your kitchen? Get this white kitchen rack! This would be perfect to pair with your white storage baskets—it can be your instant pantry expansion! You can also use this 4-tier shelf to display your kitchen appliances, dinnerware, or even plants. Who doesn’t love extra storage space?

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