12 Useful Products That Will Make Your Beach Trip Hassle-Free

Beach trips are generally enjoyable and fun, but some people would agree that they can sometimes be such a hassle. It’s a struggle to encounter sticky saltwater, the sand getting over everything, the lack of decent changing rooms, looking for the right spot by the shore—the list can go on.

If you’re dreading those slight inconveniences that come with going to the beach, these cool and useful gadgets from Shopee will easily make your upcoming beach trip hassle-free:

foldable bucket

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12. Don’t you hate it when you’ve just finished rinsing and taking a bath after a swim and right when you’re about to get back into your car/cottage, you already have sand all over your feet again? This foldable water bucket is great to have. Because it can be folded, it won’t take up much space until you need it. It’s great for washing off the sand from feet before getting into the car. Buy this foldable water bucket here!

waterproof travel bag

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11. Never worry about your clothes and valuables getting wet again with this waterproof travel bag. Apart from the fact that it’s made out of waterproof material, the fact that this duffel bag has a large capacity makes it a must-have for any travel plans you might have. The stylish backpack/duffel bag design is a huge bonus, too. Buy this waterproof travel bag here!

changing tent

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10. If you hate the long lines for changing rooms, or you’re planning to go to a secluded beach with no rooms, you’ll need this changing tent. It’s like a normal camping tent, except it’s taller and made for standing. With this, you can change your clothes right by the shore. Buy this changing tent here!

giant umbrella

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9. Planning to stay right on the shore and sit on the sand? Don’t worry about the heat and the harsh sun with this massive beach umbrella. You can easily stick it into the sand and enjoy the shade right by the shore. Buy this beach umbrella here!

foldable table

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8. If you’ve got no plans to rent out a cottage but you’re bringing some food, why not bring this foldable picnic table instead? This all-in-one picnic table also has 4 chairs attached to it. It’s easy to set up and easy to carry around. Buy this foldable picnic set here!

foldable water dispenser

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7. It is such an expensive hassle when you forget to bring drinking water to the beach. Keep this foldable water dispenser in your car at all times so that it’s easy to have it refilled from a nearby water station. It’s also easy to store once it’s empty and you’re on your way home. Buy this foldable water dispenser here!

mesh bag

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6. Leave the sand at the beach and easily remove it from your stuff with this mesh beach bag. This mesh bag is also handy for your beach clothes and wet towels, in case you forget them in your car, it won’t be as susceptible to molds. Plus, the large capacity and many pockets make it perfect for holding all of your beach stuff. Buy this mesh beach bag here!

aqua shoes

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5. If you’ve experienced losing your slippers or shoes to the waves, these aqua shoes will definitely change your life. Because it’s meant to be used underwater, you won’t have to leave your shoes/slippers by the shore anymore. You also won’t have to endure extremely hot sand under your feet or stepping on sharp rocks. Buy these aqua shoes here!

trolley cooler

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4. Never run out of cold drinks at the beach with this extra portable cooler. It has such a massive capacity, so it’s sure to last you the whole day. It’s also easy to move around thanks to the trolley design. This cooler is extra sturdy, too—perfect for extra seating or a makeshift beach table. Buy this trolley ice cooler here!

beach mat

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3. This magic sand-proof beach mat will definitely be your best friend on your next beach trip. It’s specially designed to keep sand off your stuff and off your safe space! It’s also big enough to accommodate the whole barkada. Buy this sand-proof beach mat here!

picnic set

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2. If you haven’t already seen this on TikTok, you’ll be glad you’ve seen this here. This all-in-one portable dinnerware set is the only thing you need if you’re bringing a whole meal for the group. This dinner set, which is conveniently shaped like a bucket, already has containers for you to put your food, plates, and cups good for 6 people! No more having to load up your car with hundreds of plastic containers for lunch. Buy this all-in-one bucket picnic set here!

wearable towel

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1. Hate the feeling of walking around wet while you’re taking a break from swimming? This wearable towel is your solution. It’s essentially like a towel/bathrobe that’s easy for covering up while you’re still debating whether you’ll finally go shower or run back to the beach. Buy this wearable towel here!

What other useful gadgets should anyone have for their beach trip? Share it with us!

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