12 Tasty Eats You Need To Try At The Newest Food Hall in Malingap!

Malingap may not be as well-known as Maginhawa when it comes to food spots, but the newest food establishments of the street can definitely change that. One of the newest places to try for delicious food in Quezon City is Malingap Central Food Hall.

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Unlike the usual open food parks with a lot of things going on interior-wise, this one’s a simple indoor food hall that resembles a school cafeteria. But despite its simplicity, it definitely has its own unique charm with its colorful chairs and artistic wall art.

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Created by Chef Ed Bugia, the same man behind Pino Restaurant right across the street, Malingap Central Food Hall is all about curated food. This means that it’s not just about having as many food concepts as possible in the hall but having the best of the best in it. No two food concepts are the same. Each one is carefully picked by the team behind Malingap Central Food Hall.

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Check out 12 of the many delicious dishes you have to try in this must-visit food hall:

12. Roast Beef and Beef Lasagna by Alfred’s Roast Beef

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This particular roast beef is just exploding with flavor–each bite will fill your mouth with beefy goodness. My mouth’s watering just thinking about it. The meat is tender yet firm, and each serving is so generous.

Their beef lasagna is also oh-so-delicious! The amount of flavor is just right that you’ll find yourself taking one bite after the other.

11. Shrimp & Chive Dumplings and The All-Meat Platter by Nice To Meat You

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Meat-lovers will truly enjoy this particular stall in the hall. They specialize in Chinese-Filipino cuisine and will definitely give your taste buds something that you’ll be craving for every once in a while.

Their dumplings are super tasty, and their beef has such a delicious flavor that’s sweet, salty, and will keep you wanting more.

10. Sweet X’s Burgers and Fries

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If you’re familiar with the must-try burgers of Sweet Ecstasy, Sweet X is their smaller version. But the big taste of their burger and fries are just the same!

You’ve got to try their classic Cheeseburger and the Mom Burger. Plus, their sweet potato fries are just the right pair for these sweet buns.

9. Shish-K’s Kebabs

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If you’re looking for Persian cuisine, Shish-K just might be the food stall that could satisfy your cravings. They’ve got delicious kebabs that’s just as long as my forearm! They also offer shawarma, keema, and ox brain.

8. Quixote’s Seafood Paella and Churros

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Spanish cuisine is Quixote’s specialty, and when I say specialty, I mean that their dishes are probably the best ones I’ve tasted of their kind. The seafood paella is filled with a mix of tasty seafood and is easily more than enough to fill your stomach.

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Their crunchy-on-the-outside yet fluffy-on-the-inside churros claims to be the best in the world. And after just one bite, I don’t see why not!

7. Ribs by Sticky Pig

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If you’re a fan of barbecued ribs, I’m pretty sure you’ll love the ribs by Sticky Pig. They are tender and oozing with flavor, and very tasty. You should also try their pasta!

6. Honey Butter Fried Chicken

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As a fan of fried chicken, I truly loved the honey butter chicken of Honey Butter Fried Chicken (yeah, it’s simple like that). It’s super crispy, and each munch and crunch just enticed me to eat more.

5. Japanese street food by Hapitori

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Hapitori specializes in Japanese street food and I was truly obsessed with their grilled boneless beef fingers. It’s both sweet and salty and had just the right amount of flavor–definitely a far cry from the usual barbecue you get around. They also offer some off-the-menu items that are always must-tries, so ask for ’em when you come visit!

4. Special Ramyeon by Bulgogi Garden

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Fans of Korean food will rejoice with this new addition to the food hall. They’ve got delicious ramyeon and bulgogi rice meals that will satisfy your Korean food cravings.

3. El Sombrero’s Cheesy Nachos

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Cheesy nachos is such a trend nowadays, and El Sombrero offers one of the cheesiest I’ve tasted! The melted carpet of cheese on top of their colorful nachos makes this staple Mexican dish still a must-try.

2. Banana Milk by Bar Fight

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The beverage stall of the entire food hall and they offer sodas, juices, and even booze! Their original banana milk is definitely a must-try. It’s pretty much a banana smoothie that’s quite thinner and juicier. It’s actually a very refreshing way to top off that gastronomic food adventure you just had.

1. Cakes by Taza Platito

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Of course, what’s a food hall without some dessert? While other food parks and dessert concepts are all about presentation, Taza Platito offers cakes that are all about the taste. No frills. Just a wide variety of savory cakes that will be the best way to end your hearty meal at Malingap Central Food Hall.

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The next time you’re in Malingap or around the area, this food hall should definitely be on your itinerary. It’s the perfect place to go on an actual food trip or to just treat you and your friends to a scrumptious meal. You can never go wrong with the various food choices that they offer! Malingap Central Food Hall is the place for your next food adventure!

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Malingap Central Food Hall

40 Malingap St., Teachers Village, Quezon City
Open daily from 11AM-10PM