12 Spotify Playlists You Should Check Out if You’re Tired of the Same Old Music

Article by Camille Dominique Javier 

Is your Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify not living up to your taste? Tired of the same old pop songs and recommendations? Why not try something new to spice up your regular music mix? Check out the songs in these playlists; they might just open your music palate to a whole new world!

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12 Spotify Playlists You Should Check Out if You’re Tired of the Same Old Music

12. From Bottle Rocket To The Grand Budapest Hotel- Wes Anderson Soundtracks by thegreatcollapso

Are you a Wes Anderson fan? If you haven’t heard of Wes Anderson or his films, drop what you’re doing, Google them and watch them! If you love the music he uses in his films, but aren’t sure what the titles of the songs are, this playlist is for you! As the playlist title suggests, it has every single song ever used in every single Wes Anderson film. This is the perfect way for you to catch up on some Wes Anderson tunes in time for his next film, Isle of Dogs. 

11. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf by John Patrick Delavin


Planning a study sesh at your local or favorite coffee shop? Or do you just love studying and reading to some relaxing music? This playlist captures the chill and ambient coffee shop sound that manages to soothe you while you study.

Fun fact: these songs are actually played at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Regis Katipunan branch!

10. Sub Urban Lawn Music by camizappy

Inspired by the 1920’s suburban culture, this playlist (made by yours truly) has tracks that resemble that 1920’s sound; it is perfect if you’re looking for classy background music while you work or do your chores like sweeping the floor or cleaning your room.

9. Manila by Tom Suplico

Enjoy this throwback to the groovy, upbeat sound of Manila; to the sounds of your Lolos, Lolas, Titos and Titas. Check out the best of nostalgic OPM with this playlist.

8. Underground hits by spotify

Find out about that catchy indie song first before everybody does and before it turns mainstream!

7. Men I Trust’s happy mix by Men I Trust

Men I Trust is a Canadian indie dance band that composes and produces its own music videos. This band is very organic in its roots, and it shows in the work and music they produce. Check them out and the kind of music that keeps them positive and upbeat with this playlist! This playlist is also perfect if you’re the type who enjoys spending hours just hanging out in your room.

6. Rocky Balboa- Workout Motivation by Marcus Alfred Ousdal

Remember that workout you said you were gonna start doing? What about that New Year’s resolution to lose weight that you swear you’d fulfill? Get off your butt and get moving with this workout motivation playlist! This playlist is also perfect if you’re looking for some new motivating tunes. You’re sure to keep the motion and stick to the tempo with these upbeat tracks.

5. Indie Douchebag Funtime by Nic Quiroga

Tired of the same pop songs you hear everywhere? Ever wanted to give a chance to new music you haven’t heard of yet, but don’t know where to start? Begin with this playlist by Nic Quiroga. Indie Douchebag Funtime has a bunch of popular indie songs that most indie fans probably know of already. Most of these tracks are upbeat and have a pop sound to it, making your transition from pop smoother.

4. RetroWave / Outrun by spotify

Are you a Stranger Things fan? This playlist has an upbeat 80’s vibe to it that will remind you of the music in Stranger Things because of the familiar sound of the keyboard and synths. These upbeat tunes are perfect for stimulating focus while working on stuff, working out, or gaming.

3. warm n toasty by Bea Venezuela

Got a road trip coming up? Give that long car ride a taste of some sanguine and catchy beach music! Tie that up with some good company and it’s an experience you’ll fondly look down memory lane with someday!

2.  Hawaiian Dreams by spotify

Tired of your usual lullabies? Is your ideal vacation a relaxing trip to the beach? Whisk yourself away to your dream vacation with these songs to lull you into the perfect dream.

1. Easy Does It by jazgarcia_

This playlist will have you slow dancing to a different beat. For more music recommendations, follow me on spotify: camizappy