12 gift items to buy for the different people in your life this Christmas

Christmas is supposed to be the jolliest time of the year but for many people, it’s also the most stressful. We only have a little time to complete our shopping list and sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect present for our loved ones. On top of that, we have to stay within the budget so we can get something for everyone (and maybe even ourselves).

If you’re one of those people who’s always clueless about holiday shopping, we have a few recommendations. These gift sets are beautiful and perfect for the different people in your lives.

Check these out:

For the friend who likes skincare (P449.75 – P549.75)

A new pouch would make a great gift for the friend who treasures their makeup. These bags will secure their lipsticks, mascara, primer, and concealer. On top of that, they’re stylish, too!

For your geeky friend (P349.75 – P899.75)

Know someone who loves Batman? Get them these plushies and a neck pillow so they can always be around the Caped Crusader.

For the stylish friend (P599.75 – P699.75)

The fashionista in the barkada will surely like this bag with interchangeable straps!

For the boss (P199.75)

Bosses are always so busy that many of them rely on coffee just to function throughout the day. And if they’re so busy that they can’t even stir their own coffee, this self-stirring mug will save the day.

For your color-loving younger sister (P249.75)

Girls tend to carry so much stuff so why not buy them cute pouches? They can use one for their makeup, another one for their gadgets and accessories, and the last one could be for other essentials.

For the friend who likes accessories (P299.75 – P349.75)

Add to their collection with these chic finds!

For your Barbie-obsessed inaanak (P299.75 – P399.75)

These pins are the perfect gift for your Barbie-obsessed inaanak who’d like to wear their obsession on their clothes or bags. They’re already packaged nicely and are ready to give away!

For your coffee-loving friend (P199.75)

If you know someone who can’t survive without their coffee, get them these cup holders they can clip on their desks! It’s a much better option since it creates more space on the desk.

For your kikay niece (P299.75 – P399.75)

Your niece will definitely love these accessories if she’s kikay! This set includes hair accessories and jewelry so she can always look her best when she’s at school. These also come in cool packaging so you can give it right away.

For the snack-loving friend (P129.75 – P249.95)

Make snack time more exciting for the friend who’s always hungry with the Disney lunchbox and tumbler!

For your friend who likes music (P499.75 – P799.75)

For the friends who believe that music is life, these Bluetooth speakers will be the best gift to receive this Christmas. Make sure to be the one who gives them this!

For the adventurer (P499.75 – P999.75)

If you know someone who’s always halfway around the world, why don’t you upgrade their gear with these bags? They’re sturdy enough to survive even the toughest trips, whether they’re in a Philippine province or a river in South America.

All these gift items are available at SM Accessories, the fashion accessories authority of the Philippines. The store is home to products perfect for men, women, and children. The best part is, they offer quality products at great value, so they are hassle-free and ready to give to people. This year, you don’t have to look hard to find the perfect gift for your loved ones this Christmas!

SM Accessories

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