12 Budget-Friendly Grad Gifts You Can Buy for Your Sibling or Friend

At a loss as to what to get your BFF or your sibling for their graduation? Regardless of what your budget or what kind of person your future fresh grad may be, we’re here to help!

12 Budget-Friendly Grad Gifts You Can Buy for Your Sibling or Friend

For the gadget geeks


The Gift: A Powerbank

The Budget: Php800 to Php8,000


Let’s face it: in today’s technology-driven world, everyone needs to stay connected on their mobile devices. As such, it can be a bit of a hassle if you run out of juice when you need it to most. Enter one of the best inventions of our generation: powerbanks. There are powerbanks from various brands to suit anybody’s budget. You can find ones that are cute and colourful, and those that come with multiple USB slots to charge more than one device at one. Your fresh grad will surely love you for keeping their batteries going whenever they need it. To add even more convenience, check out the powerbanks by SOLB, which can be charged under the sun – no sockets needed!

The Gift: A Phone Case

The Budget: Php250 to Php2,000

Another thing that everybody could use is a good phone case. The phone case that you choose will depend on what need you want to satisfy. Do you want them to have a sturdy phone case that is shockproof? Then look for a quality case to satisfy that need. Conversely, do you want them to have a unique phone case that really showcases their personality? Then try checking out online stores like Uniq Case that can personalise phone cases for you. All you have to do is submit the design that you want and tell them what phone you need it for, and they can get them done and delivered in no time at all!

For the gym buffs

The Gift: NIKEiD Products

The Budget: Php2,000 to Php6,500


If you are looking for something for the gym buffs, then you need to check out what NIKEiD has to offer. Depending on your budget, you can personalise all sorts of items for your gym buff friends, including accessories, bags and, of course, Nike shoes. Not only will give you give them personalised Nike items to flaunt to the world, but they’ll also get items they’ll be able to use for a long time to come.

The Gift: A Gym Membership

The Budget: Php200 to Php12,000


Post-graduation is the perfect time to start going to the gym to release some steam, de-stress and lose weight. Regardless of what your budget may be or what your friend’s schedule might be like, you can easily find the perfect membership that you can afford and that your friend will love. From 24-hour gyms like Anytime Fitness to more accessible gyms like Gold’s Gym, you can find a gym for your friend to frequent in no time at all. Just choose the membership that will suit your budget – 14-day plans to annual memberships exist! – and you’ll have a gift they can take advantage of whenever they want.

For the music aficionados


The Gift: Quality Earphones or Headphones

The Budget: Php2,500 to Php7,500


Every music lover deserves to have the perfect go-to buddy in their arsenal when it comes to listening to music. Just choose a quality brand based on your budget and find the perfect style and color for your fresh grad and they’ll be music-happy for a long time.

The Gift: A Spotify Subscription

The Budget: Php130 to Php1,560

Spotify is the best app for music lovers nowadays. Imagine streaming songs whenever you want to, discovering new tunes, and saving your favorite songs for future listening pleasure without ads or interruptions. You can offer that to a fresh grad either on a monthly or an annual basis now with Spotify Premium. Trust me. They’ll love you for it. Find out more about Spotify here: Spotify: The Music Fix for Everyone

For the female fashionistas

The Gift: A Personalized Necklace

Budget: Php1,000 to Php3,000


Jewelry never gets old, especially if you choose a classy and stylish design. The best part is that you can customise jewelry now according to your girl friend’s taste and personal style – and everyone know’s personalisation gives extra brownie points for the effort involved. Tessera by PAF, for example, offers great customisation options and every piece really exudes a feeling of love and care.

The Gift: Personalized Charms

Budget: Php500 to Php2,500

If your budget is a bit lower, you may want to check out the personalised charm bracelets and necklaces by Sweet Charms Manila instead. Just like the personalised necklaces mentioned above, you can customise these according to your friend’s taste and personal style, and even add a special touch by adding charms that best define your relationship together. Maybe you can even get a matching one for yourself. 🙂

For the fashionable men

The Gift: AWatch

Budget: Php2,000 and up

Tudor Fastrider Black Shield Watch


Every man needs a watch, all the more so after they graduate. All you really need to worry about when it comes to this is choosing a watch that will suit your fresh grad’s style and your personal budget yet will stand the test of time at the same time.

The Gift: Socks

Budget: Php800 to Php2,000

Stance Dwyane Wade Printed Socks


Socks may sound like a lame gift because it used to be the butt of every gift joke, but let’s face it: every man needs socks, too. Men wear socks everyday, after all. Plus, socks have easily become a huge part of every fashionable man’s arsenal nowadays. Just check out Stance. They provide comfort and style, while being ultra useful at the same time.

For the artists at heart


The Gift: Calligraphy Items

The Budget: Php500 to Php5,000

Scribe Writing Essentials


What’s not to love about feathered pens, calligraphy sets, sketchbooks and wax stamps? Help artistic fresh grads release their creativity with inspiring items from Scribe. This gift will work if they are a big fan of history or Game of Thrones, as well.

The Gift: Sketch Notebooks

The Budget: Php40 to Php100


If you wanna keep things a lil simpler, check out Sketchnotes. For those who want to release their creativity while keeping things simple, notebooks like the ones that Sketchnotes provides would be the perfect choice. Simple yet useful at the same time!

So, there you have it: 12 budget-friendly grad gifts you can buy for your sibling or friend! Do you have any other recommendations? 🙂 Do share them with us!

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