11th West Barbers: Your New Go-To Barbershop in the North

Words by Raffy Perez / Photos by Jezreel Colangoy

MEN. We know you. You are sleek, stylish, tinged with a flair of uniqueness. We know that the hustle of life often renders you unable to prioritize an important aspect of your personality: self-care. Many of you would reason out that you’re “too busy”. Some of you would say that you “don’t know how”.

Luckily, 11th West Barbers has the solution to your worries: attention to detail.

This logo welcomes 11th West Barbers’ customers!

With business starting last year, this barbershop caters to a wide clientele from students to workers to the doctors at a nearby hospital. All located in West Fairview, the car-wash station in which it is housed in, and the various food stalls next door, give it an accessibility unique to the store. It is where many schools, residences, and workplaces converge.

A hand-painted logo welcomes customers. Upon entering, a friendly receptionist greets you, offers you a complimentary drink (iced tea or coffee), and asks you to fill out a card if you’re a first-timer. The industrial ambiance sets a modern, relaxing vibe.

The interior of the shop gives an industrial, modern feel

They offer haircut services for the gentlemen, with the “Big Diff” service being the spotlight at Php250. It consists of a hot/cold towel compress, their signature haircut, shampoo, a massage, and styling. Sulit, considering the effort put into the sessions.

11th West Barbers also sells clothing and hair products from local brands

They also have other services such as “Laid Back” (cut, towel, and massage) for Php220, and “Da Vinci” (clipper art) for Php300 – Php750, all of which can fit into the schedule of a busy man. Weekdays warrant customers to make appointments for their cut, while weekends are for walk-ins only to accommodate more people.

Then, your barber will ask you what kind of style you wish to have. Their barbers want as much detail as possible, and they will engage you with questions, suggestions, and small talk.

Their barbers really know how to hold a conversation!

The session starts with a cold compress to the face, a soothing break from the familiar Manila heat, and then the haircut, filled with lively conversation. After a round of shampoo to shed stray hairs, you will be reclined for a bit of a massage to relieve any tension and stress.

Their massage will definitely relieve your stress from the day

Then comes the styling. The barber will use on-hand pomade to style. Currently, 11th West Barbers has five different brands of pomade, all of which are locally-manufactured with differing consistencies. Be sure to try their latest, Elyu!

Five families – one of their popular pomade brands on-hand

Once you are satisfied with your cut, you’re all set to sport your new look!

The shop aims to deliver a “complete experience at an affordable price” to its clients in order to be the go-to barbershop in its locale. If you’re busy, you can make an appointment with them. And if you’re not sure if a certain style suits you, you can talk to their barbers!

This barbershop has what it takes to revamp your style

The services that you will be getting, the amount of detail and effort put in by the staff, and the support given to the local industries are all worth the price that you will be paying. True enough, with the pampering and attention they provide to gentlemen, 11th West Barbers is “where the detail makes the difference.”

11th West Barbers

Open 11 AM to 9 PM from Monday to Friday, and 10 AM to 9 PM from Saturday to Sunday

Lot 11 Block 6 Chestnut Street, West Fairview, Quezon City

0916 604 2486



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