11th  Don Tomas Mapua National Civil Engineering Quiz Show: Withstanding Throes Through Preeminence on Engineering


The School of Civil, Environmental and Geological Engineering (SCEGE) of the Mapúa University will be celebrating its annual school week for the whole month of November. The activity aims to announce the celebration of the Civil Engineering Profession nationwide through different seminars, exhibits, and various contests which are aligned with the vision and mission of the organization and of the school.

To promote the practice, principles and application of Civil Engineering, the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers – Mapúa University Student Chapter, in cooperation with the School of Civil, Environmental, and Geological Engineering Student Council, will be presenting the 11th Don Tomas Mapúa Civil Engineering Quiz Show on December 01, 2017, Friday at the Mapúa University Gymnasium, Intramuros, Manila.

This event has been inviting all civil engineering schools nationwide for almost 10 years. We invite schools, institutions, colleges, and universities who want to showcase their students with upbeat minds in the theories and concepts of Civil Engineering. Each school will be allowed a maximum of 7 contestants.

Those who are interested to participate may ACCOMPLISH THE ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM AT https://goo.gl/forms/a3hwqWnCqWrSrtwD3 OR ACCOMPLISH THE OFFICIAL INVITATION FORM SENT VIA E-MAIL and e-mail us the ACCOMPLISHED REGISTRATION FORM WITH COMPLETE ATTACHMENT at dtmnceqs1718@gmail.com.