11 Times Mayor Vico Sotto Stole our Hearts Away

Mayor Vico Sotto has been in the top seat in Pasig City for less than a year, but it took even less than that for the whole country to fall in love with him. The son of actors Vic Sotto and Coney Reyes, Vico has the charisma, humor, and looks of his parents, but complemented with the heart of a true and dedicated public servant.

In fact, the public loves him so much that this chicken place granted him free chicken for life!

What is your best memory of Vico Sotto? We’ve listed down our top picks—here are 11 times Mayor Vico Sotto stole our hearts!

11. When he made it clear from the beginning that he is one of the good ones

I started in government a few years after graduating from Ateneo—very idealistic tapos parang nafrustrate ako with…

Posted by Humans of Ateneo on Sunday, December 8, 2019

As soon as he was elected mayor of Pasig City, the young politician went straight to work, showing then and until now that he is one of the good guys. In his first month in office, he started with getting rid of not just ineffective policies in his city but of abusive officials as well. Back in August, Vico even shared this post about an official that got dismissed due to questionable practices and abusive behavior, writing: “we will deal with the abusive as they deserve, and with the full force of the law.”

In an interview with Humans of Ateneo, when asked about his boundaries, Vico Sotto shared where he draws the line: “I don’t claim to be the best person: No vote buying, di ako tatanggap ng kickback, di ako mananakit ng tao. Everything else, pwede ko pag isipan.

10. When one of his very first acts as mayor was to address this one consistent complaint of Pasig citizens

A confusing odd-even scheme that was put in place in 2017 on selected roads in Pasig City was a big complaint of the city’s citizens. Talking to a Pasig local over on Twitter, Vico Sotto, who then had just been elected as the new mayor, shared the following: “I was the only councilor who opposed the odd-even scheme. It is unfair and ineffective if we look at the big picture. I will remove it on my first day of office.”

And he did, as soon as he was officially seated as mayor of the city in July 2019, because that’s what he does. Vico makes things happen.

9. When Pasig City offered free weddings and he officiated them himself

Vico Sotto officiated his very first mass wedding or “kasalang bayan” last December 2019, and because the young mayor is just like us, he took it to social media to share this milestone. According to his post, 50 couples were married that morning.

And because Mayor Vico is also a funny guy and is currently the country’s most eligible bachelor (or leading single guy, however you want to see it) he also joked in the post, saying: “Ang magtanong ng, “eh ikaw kailan ka ikakasal?” magmumulta ng 500 pesos.” [Whoever asks “How about you? When are you getting married?” Will be fined 500 pesos.]

8. When he didn’t know who Cassie was and inquired with the internet

When the ABS-CBN afternoon teleserye “Kadenang Ginto” was at the height of its popularity, memes of the show were everywhere, including the viral video of a kid re-enacting a scene from the show and ultimately immortalizing the line “Cassie, hindi ka muna papasok sa iskul.” [Cassie, you can’t go to school for now.]

When Mayor Vico Sotto suspended classes in Pasig when Tropical Storm Falcon was upon Philippines, the mayor got bombarded with memes and replies bearing the now-iconic line. Confused, Vico took it to Twitter to inquire who Cassie is, emphasizing, “Someone explain this meme to me pls para makatulog na ko.” [Someone explain this meme to me please so I can finally go to sleep.]

Ang cute ni mayor. Anoba.

7. When he showed admirable traits as a leader during this COVID crisis

2000 packs per meal (lunch and dinner) delivered to more than 50 different locations where the frontliners are (health…

Posted by Pasig City Public Information Office on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Vico Sotto is one of the mayors from all around the Philippines who has been receiving praises from the public for his government’s proactive response to address the COVID-19 pandemic. From providing 400,000 food packs to families in need, setting up a mobile kitchen that prepares 2,000 meals for Pasig frontliners everyday, getting creative with disinfection drones, plus many other efforts big and small, the mayor’s actions have clearly not gone unnoticed by the public.

Another admirable act is the young mayor’s effort to be transparent, even posting online a photo of the document that breaks down the cost of the 400,000 food packs distributed in Pasig City.

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6. When he showed that his fight includes all sectors, and that no man gets left behind


Posted by Vico Sotto on Thursday, March 26, 2020

On top of the commendable efforts of Mayor Vico Sotto’s LGU in Pasig to face head-on the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s also shown that his fight includes all sectors of the community, and not just the ones in the frontlines. In a Facebook post last March 26th, the mayor announced that they will be providing financial assistance to all public utility drivers in Pasig affected by the Enhanced Comunity Quarantine. And in another post, dated April 9th, Vico Sotto also announced that the government of Pasig will be shouldering the cremation of residents that have or will pass away due to COVID-19, easing some of their families’ burden amidst a trying time.

5. When he said he’d choose sleep over love, which made people just love him more because, honestly, SAME

Vico Sotto is currently the Philippines’ most eligible bachelor, and people are lining up to possibly be future Mrs. Vico Sotto. One girl even stepped up her game and made this hilarious resume to apply as Mayor Vico’s girlfriend—a post that, of course, went viral online. But sorry ladies, according to Vico, he just doesn’t have the time for love right now.

In an interview with news outlet 24 Oras, when asked about his love life, Vico said, “Pag may free time ako, mas gusto ko pang matulog o magpahinga na lang.” [When I have the free time, I’d rather just sleep or rest.]

Tulog over love si mayor, guys. But, honestly, samedt.

4. When it was revealed that he is a mama’s boy

Image: Instagram.com/vicosotto

In an Instagram post by Vico Sotto himself during last year’s Mother’s Day, the young mayor paid tribute to his mom, actress Coney Reyes. He shared that due to the election, they weren’t able to celebrate Mother’s Day, but thanks her for “being so supportive all throughout the gruelling campaign season.” He ended the post by writing, “I love you! no matter what happens, I will always be your baby!”

Too cute for my life.

3. When he shows us his playful side

Mayor Vico Sotto is not afraid to show his fun and playful side, and honestly, we’re thankful for that. Even his mom, Coney Reyes, has shared in one of her Instagram posts how she’s grateful for her son’s sense of humor. She was referring to a video that was shared with her, showing her son playfully spray back with a bottle of alcohol at the person who was disinfecting him.

In another post, published by Vico Sotto on his Facebook page, he shared photos of his team hard at work in the office, but accompanied by a giant panda, whom he said was sitting on food coupons.

Who doesn’t want a man with a sense of humor, amirite? Plus pogi points again to mayor.

2. When he wouldn’t take all the credit, even when it partly is because of him

Vico replaces his name with #pasigtaxpayers whenever pasigueños are thanking him for the relief goods ?

Posted by Zarah Fernando on Friday, April 3, 2020

In this viral post by a netizen, it can be seen how Mayor Vico is replacing his name in thank you posts by citizens into “#PasigTaxPayers” when he reposts them — a gesture that is small but speaks volumes about the kind of public servant that he is. And while it is true that whatever money this government has comes from tax payers, relief efforts such as this one would still not be possible without the help of leaders like Vico implementing them. Still, Vico not taking the credit all for himself is an act we haven’t seen in a long time from a politician, if not ever at all.

1. When he was simply Vico, just another guy, but still made our hearts melt anyway.

Photo from Vico Sotto Facebook Page


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