11 Struggles of Every Girl Who Wants to Lose Weight but Doesn’t Like the Gym

Words by Audrey Kho

Okay. We’re always told going to the gym and actually exercising to get fit and all is the answer to losing weight. And we all want that, amirite? But can we just face it? The. Gym Is. Not. For. Every. One. So, to all the girls that don’t really like going to the gym (myself included!), this one’s for you.

Here are 11 struggles every girl who wants to lose weight but doesn’t like the gym inevitably go through!

11. When you’ve already paid for the annual gym membership, but can never actually get up and go.

You feel your money slowly slipping away as each day you didn’t go to the gym passes. You feel darn sad about it though, so you treat yourself to Netflix and ice cream.

10. When you actually bring yourself to go, and then see all the fit and sexy girls at the gym.

…aaaand you feel insecure as hell. No shame to them at all; you’re actually really inspired by these women going for the gold! But now you feel too self-conscious to do anything, especially in your comfy loose shirt and leggings.

9. When you’re actually confident enough to wear a sports bra and shorts, but then the gym creep swings by.

I mean, is he really just going to sit there and watch?!

8. Since we’re on the topic of clothes: when you barely own any workout clothes.

What? You mean I have to invest in workout clothes too??? Proper footwear, shirts, pants, accessories, and the list goes on? Maybe you’d have that money to buy all those clothes if you weren’t spending so much on food…

7. When you’re in constant fear of using the machines wrong.

Workout machines aren’t supposed to be so hard to use!!!

6. Following that, when you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing.

So half the time you spend on the treadmill, and the other half you stand around pretending to rest while observing how the gym equipment are used, trying your best not to look stupid.

5. When you set aside a specific time for the gym, but then “remember” you have that “one thing” for work or school you haven’t done.

I mean, we need to get our priorities straight, right? Goodbye, gym!

4. When you’re way too tired to go to the gym after finishing up late from work or school.

The bed just seems so inviting, you know?

3. When morning workouts don’t even fit into the equation.

It’s already hard to wake up for work or school; you’re not going to wake up early to work out.

2. When that time of the month makes it even harder for you to get up and move.

On top of the horrible cramps, it just feels like a gushing fountain down there. Who even wants to work out with that going on?

1. When people assume you’re lazy just because you don’t like the gym.

Come on, guys, it’s 2018. Not everyone likes wiping down machine sweat.

Girls, if you don’t like the gym, it is perfectly okay. You don’t have to force yourself to like it just because everyone else seems to. Luckily for you, there are an infinite number of ways to get fit that don’t involve paying a monthly membership to a gym you barely go to.

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