11 Nifty Gift Ideas You May Give This Christmas (Or All Year Round)

Still thinking of what to give your loved ones this Christmas? These gift ideas might help!

We blinked and sneezed and now we’re embarking on the most wonderful time of the year: Christmas!

christmas tradition philippines

Aside from the picturesque sceneries, tranquil beaches and love for food, Philippines is the best country to be in when celebrating the Yuletide season! (READ: 3 Christmas Traditions Balikbayans Enjoy When In Manila)

In nineteen days, our world will be filled with so much joy and happiness as we exchange warm smiles and special gifts to our loved ones!

Wait, what gift?! I haven’t even started shopping yet!


Who else can relate?

Oh well, I feel ya, honey! So, let’s all grab a pen and paper, and start writing these alternative gifts we could give our loved one this Christmas or all year round!

Useful Products or Items

11. Planners


Both were given to me as gifts. These planners were my personal choice because of the color, space, and layout.

Planners are essential gifts as it’s extremely useful. It could help jumpstart someone’s ability to be organized and punctual. There are a lot of planners for sale out there. You may check National Bookstore, Fully Booked, and coffee shops like CBTL, Starbucks, Bo’s Coffee, just to name a few. (READ: 10 Filipino #PlannerAddicts To Follow on Instagram)

10. Organic Cleaning Products


Bio-Glow is an organic all-purpose cleaner. It’s eco-friendly and perfect for people who have sensitive skin and allergic rhinitis. You may check their Facebook page for more information.

9. Cute Mosquito Repellents

Dengue is prevalent in tropical countries like the Philippines. Therefore, any item (or action) that can prevent it is essential. So, take your Christmas gifts to your “inaanaks” to the next level and give something vital and useful like these BugOut mosquito repellents.


Each bracelet comes with 4 refills. The citronella-lemon scent is also invigorating since it’s 100% natural. The ingredients are citronella, lavender, and clove plant essential oils. For pricing and details, you may read the full article here.

On the other hand, other brands of mosquito repellents are available in all supermarkets nationwide.

8. Household Help

Your Titas, Titos, and even your fellow parents would love to receive this as a gift! I know, I would!


Holiday clutter is expected so, if you think they would need someone to clean their apartment or condo units, you may book a cleaner for them and give it as a gift! For instructions on how to use the app, please read the article here.

7. Geek-inspired items

My husband and kids love anything about Harry Potter, Marvel, and more. In short, they are geeks (and I’m not). And what better way to show appreciation is to give them what they really like. So, give them something nifty like these items from WTB!


“WTB?” or “What the Box?” is an affordable geeky mystery box with a different theme each month. For more information, follow them on Facebook!

Food, Travel, and Hotel Staycations

6. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are mainstays of Christmas and New Year. Mostly, companies buy these by bulk to be given to clients, friends, and staff. Ultimately, Christmas baskets are nifty gifts because not only do you give them their favorite presents, but also help them save time in getting the items.


As an example, if you love Chicharon, this Christmas basket from Oinkys is ideal! For orders and inquiries, visit their Facebook page.

5. Airline Tickets

If you have a budget, surprise the receiver with something special: airline tickets! You may give it as an advanced gift for their honeymoon or simply being the “most generous Ninang or Ninong” on earth!

Source: Getty Images/Fortune

Source: Getty Images/Fortune

Most of the airlines offer low airfare now like AirAsia. Visit www.airasia.com. for more surprisingly low international and local airfare tickets!

4. Travel 

Another nifty gift is a paid travel to any destination within the Philippines! Give them a reason to take a break from the rat race and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Banana Beach Davao

Taken at Banana Beach Davao. What a wondrous place!

The frequently asked question is “where do we find the best travel deals online?” If you search that, it’ll give you thousands of results – some of them you don’t know and sneaky. So, if you want safe online transactions, you may purchase affordable travel packages at cashcashpinoy.com.

Health and Wellness

3. Food supplements 

Health is wealth. Most used quote but hardly practiced. Food supplements might help lower the risk of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, just to name a few. Therefore, another nifty gift for your loved ones is food supplements.


On a personal note, there are a lot of food supplements out there but so far, I’ve only used BitterGo, Evening Primrose, and Vitamin E. These three supplements helped ease my joint pains (Primrose) and lower my blood sugar level (BitterGo).

2. Gym Membership Cards 

Support your inaanaks or friends and relatives who are motivated to pursue their #balikalindog programs by giving them gym membership cards!

Anytime Fitness High Street

No more excuses at Anytime Fitness gym. As the name implies, Anytime Fitness is open for 24 hours, so you can do your fitness routine at your most convenient time! For more information, read the article here.

1. Prepaid Health Cards

As we all know, our health programs have complicated processes in terms of the availment and the variety of plans offered to us. Most of the time, we must shell out a lot of money to avail one and/or be employed to get benefits like health insurance. Fortunately, Philcare thought of more comprehensive and most accessible plans for Filipinos:  Prepaid health cards available online.

Philcare Health Card

I’ve personally used this ERVantage card. Sadly, though, this ERVantage card will be phased out soon and will be replaced with something more comprehensive: the Health Vantage.

Truthfully, not everyone can avail health cards. In fact, there is still a huge portion of the Philippine population of more than 100 Million that has no health plans (yes, me!) The government through Philhealth covers about 27 million members only. Hopefully, these remarkable and affordable prepaid cards will help alleviate the perennial problem of self-medication. Ultimately, health isn’t valued until sickness comes, so this is definitely a nifty gift to give this Christmas!

Christmas is when people are more generous, kind, and loving. Therefore, take your generosity to the next level with these nifty gift ideas!

Which gift would you like to receive this Christmas? Tell us your answers in the comment section below!


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