100-Year-Old Makati Residents Receive P100,000

Makati 100 year old

How amazing!!

We don’t know what’s more impressive, the cash grant, or the fact that these people have lived up to a hundred!

Apparently, the Makati city government awarded two of their centenarian residents by granting them a rather generous gift of P100,000. This is according to a news report by Tempo.

According to the report, the century-old folks, Irene R.

Carrillo and Rizalina B. Cardemas even personally claimed their cash gifts from the mayor himself!

The report also said that Mayor Binay cited the women’s “admirable strength, courage, and hard work” as a reason to celebrate them, and that “Most of all, they epitomize the selfless love of a mother for her children.”

According to the two, leading a simple life and lots of prayers are the secret to longevity. Both of their daily habits include reading the newsapaper and staying away from vices.

No word on what they’re going to do with their hefty cash grant, but let’s just hope it’s for something interesting!

If you turned 100 years old and you were given P100,000, what would you do with it??!