100 People With Disabilities (PWDs) To Join The Entrepreneurship Program Courtesy of Maybank Foundation

One of my favorite saying goes: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” This adage mirrors Maybank Philippines and Maybank Foundation’s initiative called: RISE or Reach Independence & Sustainable Entrepreneurship.

Maybank RISE

These are the participants of RISE program in Las Pinas Chapter. 

One of my advocacies is supporting PWDs. That’s why, when Maybank Philippines invited me to witness their remarkable concept, wherein our PWD friends were given opportunities to learn about entrepreneurship, I immediately said YES!

Maybank RISE

They were given a chance to learn and be trained for starting and managing a small business.

maybank ph rise

These were some of the items PWDs were selling at the event. They were taught how to turn their passion into entrepreneurship. So, a few of them love to make bracelets and necklaces out of beads, so, he turned it into business.


 They sold Peanut Butter spread too. (I regret not buying one!)

maybank 2

There were also rugs, fabric conditioner, and cute bead displays.

Just before we hit lunch break, Maybank Philippines Executives arrived with their guest speaker, Adeline Dumapong – Ancheta.

maybankAdeline with Maybank Execs, staff, and People Systems Consultancy’s representatives.


After her introduction, everyone seemed excited to hear her inspiring message.

maybank rise

Just like these two participants, we were also in awe as to what Adeline is capable of doing. She shared that she can lift 128 kgs or roughly 282 lbs!!

Adeline shared how her disability pushed her to become more passionate and determined. She also added that disability shouldn’t be a hindrance to whatever they want to achieve. I totally agree with her. Despite her disability, she was able to give honor to the country. She is the first Filipina to win a Paralympic medal ever when she won bronze at the 2000 Summer Paralympics.

After her inspiring speech, the participants took the opportunity to talk to her, and of course, to have a photo opportunity as well.

maybank rise program

What is RISE Program?

The program’s participants focus on underprivileged communities – mainly people with disabilities. The aim is to help them increase their income without the need for business startup grants. Moreover, it’s also designed to train, coach, and mentor participants to develop their entrepreneurial skills resulting in higher income levels, thus improving their overall standard of living.

This 3-part program was launched in the Philippines last January 11 and had their second wave last January 19 at Nature’s Church in Las Pinas City. The third leg will be on February 8 to be held in San Juan City Hall. Furthermore, according to Mr. Eric Montellibano, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, they are also bringing the RISE program in Cebu in March this year.

Ideally, RISE aims to have at least 40% of its participants gain an income increase of 100% within three months. For its pilot training in the Philippines this month, 100 participants each from Manila and Cebu have been identified through Maybank Foundation’s partner organizations, People Systems Consultancy and our very own Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

On a personal note

One thing I’ve learned in life is people need constant awareness because we easily get distracted. We choose what we want to hear, see, and read. If it’s irrelevant, albeit helpful, we ignore.

Only a few would understand the issues of PWDs. But, if we talk about them more often and support them all the way, I am ultimately sure, our society or companies would appreciate and practice #inclusion.

I am glad that WhenInManila.com believes and supports the advocacy.

Congratulations and I wish the participants all the best in life!

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