10 Ways to Reward Yourself This Holiday Season

10 Ways to Reward Yourself This Holiday Season

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During the Holidays, we’re all trying to find the perfect gift to give our friends, family, and loved ones that we tend to forget to buy a present for someone just as important: yourself.

Others might feel unhappy because they don’t get to indulge their whims, while some feel bad when they do. What most people don’t realize is that little treats every now and then can make life exciting and the days more pleasant.

After all the hard work you’ve put in this year, you deserve a break. You deserve a reward.

So, here are the top 10 ways to reward yourself this Christmas:



10. Throw a sparty

Christmas is supposed to be a time of relaxation, but ironically, it is also one of the most stressful times of the year. It’s a skill to manoeuvre around crowded malls, carry loads of gifts at the same time, and remember all the inaanaks (godchildren) one has collected through the years. To have a really indulgent Christmas, why not book a spa and throw a sparty? Gather your closest friends, have a choose-your-own-treatment, and get massages, mani-pedis, and facials together. Who knows? You might even get tips on where to get holiday bargains, while looking your best, of course.



9. Get a GoPro

For some people, a camera is not enough. They need videos! And if you want to take videos of your adventures (especially of your epic surfing trip in the summer), there’s no other gadget to turn to than the GoPro. A tiny portable camera that you can wear or mount on things, a GoPro redefines the concept of action shot. You can take it with you when you do extreme sports, and the best part is, photos and videos are in glorious high-definition, making your friends and family feel as if they were part of the shot.


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8. Go on a Eurotrip

Some say the best form of education is travel. Others say that when you travel you get to know yourself even more because you are put in a completely new environment. No one has said anything bad about traveling (except those who got an upset stomach or lost their luggage. Travel is indeed a privilege, and an affordable one at that, considering that airlines are now offering budget fares. Book a trip to one of our many provinces and see why foreigners are falling in love with the Philippines. Or if you want to go international, fly to Europe. BDO’s Trafalgar European Holiday* promo allows you to fly to Europe at USD340/month with your BDO Credit Card or American Express Card! [*Will be linked to BDO’s promo page] They also have a Travel Now Pay Later Promo where travel arrangements for different destinations around the world made through your credit card will be billed two months later. Cool, right?


Extreme camping anyone?

7. Get a tent and go on an adventure

If you don’t want to venture out of the country but still want to go on an adventure, go on a hike in one of the country’s many mountain trails. Buy (or borrow) a tent, pack your hiking gear, and get on the next bus going out of Manila. We recommend Mt. Pulag, Luzon’s highest peak. The view is spectacular, especially if you go during sunrise. If you’re lucky, you can also witness the sea of clouds. This is probably the only place in Luzon where you can literally be above the clouds.



6. Purchase the right travel gear

If you’re going to travel extensively, you better have good quality travel gear. A traveler can only go as far as his bag can take him, and if he has a piece of luggage that is ready to fall apart, good luck carrying all your stuff home. What many don’t realize is that purchasing travel gear is an investment. Having a bag that you can take anywhere you go, whether it’s Berlin or Baguio, will mean you won’t have to scramble around looking for one days before your trip. The key to getting the luggage that’s perfect for you is to base it on your lifestyle. If you enjoy hiking, get a backpack. If you’re a shopaholic, a trolley that can fit your purchases will do well for you. No matter what kind, remember to invest in good quality!



5. Go on a staycation

Who said that you need to go out of town or the country to reward yourself? Sometimes, all you need to relax is a hotel room right in the city. Hotels usually have Christmas and New Year celebrations, promos, and treats. You can even have your own giant Christmas tree, decorated to the nines. If you want hardcore relaxation, upgrade to a suite with 24-hour butler service. A nice warm bed, a large-screen TV, impeccable service, and buffet breakfasts? What more can you ask for?  



4. Go on a cheat day

One of the best ways people love to reward themselves is through food. And good food is always a treat. Gather your family and friends and eat heartily this holiday season! Feast on your favorite dishes—but don’t forget to eat in moderation. You wouldn’t want your health (or your waistline) to suffer.


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3. Get a bike

Christmas is only a few weeks away, and with it comes endless lunches, dinners, and lechon. People usually pack on the pounds during the holiday season, and you need to prepare yourself for it, or find a way to get rid of the unwanted fats. Biking (see 1 million Peso bike here) is an excellent way to trim down. Aside from a leaner figure, you can improve your heart’s condition, bone and muscle strength, flexibility, and decrease stress. It also speeds up your metabolism, which only means one thing: more lechon.


Aloha Boardsports Surf and Music Festival - First Philippine Surf and Music Festival in Baler, Aurora

2. Get a shortboard

A bike is fun to get fit, but if you’re more adventurous, get a shortboard. A shortboard is what pro surfers use, but they’re smaller and thinner, which allows for a better performance. It’s also easier to store than a surfboard, which can reach up to 14 feet. The Philippines is home to some of the best beaches in the world. The best way to explore it is through a surfer’s eye: between massive waves.


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1. Go on a shopping spree

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So….. how are you rewarding yourself this Christmas?!?! 

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