10 Ways to Celebrate Halloween if you are an Introvert

Words by Gemma Casimsiman

Halloween is just around the corner! Your neighbors are probably putting up their “terrifying” decorations up on their gates and driveways while you’re probably sitting in your room thinking of ways you can avoid the October spooks. Unlike most people who are already readying their costumes for either a party or trick or treating, you’re probably one of those people who wants to avoid human (or supernatural) contact on the said day.

Though Halloween is not known for staying at home doing something, there are still some other ways to celebrate the festivities. We’ve compiled some trick and treats for you to spend the day without leaving the comforts of your own home.

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10. Experiment with some Halloween snacks

If you have a stockpile of food at home, surely you can never go wrong with making some Halloween treats. Simply looking up recipes on how to turn a hot dog into bloody fingers can already make your night.

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9. Making some Halloween cocktails

Alright, if you are an alcohol kind of person, then maybe mixing bits of vodka and rum here and there will keep you occupied. Unlike those fruity kinds where you add a watermelon slice on the top, making Halloween cocktails is a level up. Grab a robe, your broomstick and a witch hat ‘cause some recipes will have you brewing. Just make sure you’re of legal age, hm?

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8. Binge watch Horror Movies

Brave souls, hear ye! If neither the supernatural or the paranormal scare you, then grabbing those Halloween snacks and drink will fit a scary movie night. It’s also a great way to test your courage if you can survive all the blood, gore, and even jump scares. The best movie to start with? It.


7. Start decorating for Christmas

You don’t necessarily have to follow tradition if you don’t want to. Instead, prepare for the holidays to come. Brighten up the day of frightened children by hanging some Christmas lights and putting out your Christmas tree for everyone to see. At the very least, you won’t be the reason for scared children this year.


6. Prank the trick or treaters

If you dislike people that much, scaring them away is a great way to keep ‘em away. Up to you if you want to rig your house with wailing ghosts sounds or just turn your house into a full-blown haunted house. The goal is for them to run away before they could reach the front step.


5. Tour a Haunted House alone

When feeling a little brave, one of the biggest challenges, aside from getting through those horror movies, is touring a haunted house by yourself. Test your bravery and see if you can make it up until the exit doors. Visitors would barely make it past the first stage so you’re in the clear if you want to delve in the jump scares and bloody decorations alone.

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4. Read ghost stories

Scare yourself even more by reading those ghost stories you see on social media. If you don’t plan on sleeping at night, then good for you because what’s worse than scary movies is scary stories. Believe me, hearing one will make you want company. Or, maybe, you already do have company?

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3. Have a séance

These types of activities do not end well. But, if you have a Ouija board to spare, why not right? If you’re in the mood to talk to a ghost than an actual human being, go ahead! No one’s stopping you from contacting the dead but it’s better if you do it with the lights on. We don’t need another episode of flickering lights and broken glass.

(NOTE: Please exercise caution if you decide to do this and don’t mess with angry spirits!)


2. Wear some Halloween onesies

Costumes aren’t your thing? That’s fine! There are some cute onesies out there for you to wear as your Halloween costume for the day. Doesn’t necessarily have to be scary, to be honest. I always see tons of Pikachu onesies as costumes every year so I’m sure there’s no harm wearing a unicorn one.



1. Sleep

Look, we all know how tired we are and we need to stop lying to ourselves. You don’t have to celebrate Halloween by wearing costumes or watching horror movies. Sometimes, despite the celebrations, at the end of the day, what matters more is our health. Catch up on some sleep you missed studying. Missing Halloween once isn’t the end of the world.

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How do you spend your Halloween? Share your thoughts!