10 Wardrobe Essentials for the Rainy Season: Learning from our Fave Pinay Fashionistas

It’s official: the rainy season is here again! While we enjoy the warm cups of coffee hot chocolate and the sweater weather, we are already beginning to dread the traffic and the heavy rain! How do dress up in preparation for the rainy season? We went through the Instagram accounts of our favorite Filipina fashionistas to get tips on building up ten wardrobe essentials for the rainy season.

10.) Denim

OOTD Bloggers Rainy Day 10

The classic denim never goes out of style. It’s also a great way to keep yourself warm, and the matching top and bottom that @itscamilleco wore makes her look even more put together. 

9.) A Neutral-colored Sweater

OOTD Bloggers Rainy Day 9

It’s called sweater weather for a good reason! Here, @ilovegeorgina wears a nude-colored sweater. It blends well with her light jeans and the white wall behind her. A nude-colored sweater would suit almost any outfit and adds a light touch to the gloomy weather.

8.) Raincoat/Jacket

OOTD Bloggers Rainy Day 8

@laureenmuy looks adventure-ready in her jacket. It’s also a practical get-up because the hood and the pocket would definitely come in handy. 

7.) Vest

OOTD Bloggers Rainy Day 7

The vest is a more unique option compared to sweaters. But if you wear a long sleeved-top inside, it also gets the job done!

6.) Matching Cover-up

OOTD Bloggers Rainy Day 6

@itscamilleco’s coat matches the prints on her shorts, making her outfit stand out. 



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