10 Typographic Mistakes that Made People Almost Want to Bury Themselves Alive

Words by Aira Mae Parado

Featured photo from WeRSM

Sometimes, our fingers do not move along with our brain. We all have these moments that we’ll probably remember forever. Typos, auto-correct–these sorts of mishaps that savagely screw up our intended messages.

Here are ten embarrassing typographic fails that made people want to dig a hole in the ground and live there forever.

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10. “Good luck sa intercourse!”

In truth, I was trying to say “good luck sa interview,” but due to keys strategically situated side-by-side, my fingers typed “inyerc” instead of “interv.” Alas, auto-correct kicked in, so yeah, “good luck sa intercourse!” It was hilarious than it was embarrassing ‘coz it was with a friend. Still a blush-worthy situation, but at least we could laugh it off. -Pere

9. “Date kita.”

A not-so-close college block mate messaged me on Facebook to ask if the new episode of this particular show on Netflix has aired. I replied with, “Wala pa ata” and typed a follow-up message. I, being mindless, did not notice I sent “date kita” instead of “update kita.” I quickly sent a correction, and she replied with the face-with-a-hand-over-mouth emoji. -Jury

8. “Superherpes.”

I was writing an article for a client about superheroes, and in the title it said “superherpes” instead. *cold-sweat-smile emoji* -Anj

7. “Kelan ka mag-****”

I was in a group chat with my family. I wanted to ask my younger sister kung kelan nya balak mag-anak. Auto-correct predicted anal, so it sent: “Hoy, negra. Kelan ka mag-anal.” -Anonymous

6. “Is my boob with you?”

One time, I was looking for something but couldn’t find it in my things. I asked a friend whether she had it or not, and the conversation went like:
Me: Hey, is my boob with you?”
Friend: Wait, check ko. Which one, left or right?
Me: Ha?
Friend: Ha?
Me: I meant *book!!!
Goddamn auto-correct. -Anonymous

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5. “Gimme a sex.”

Someone was rushing me to fix something online and I hastily typed, “gimme a sex” when I meant “gimme a sec.” Eh may pagkadelusional pa naman yun at feeling pogi.


4. “Gaga.”

This happened some years ago. I was in a jeepney heading to school, chatting with a college block mate. I don’t remember the topic, but it was probably something funny. Ayun, the next second, I sent “gaga” instead of “haha.” -Vince

3. “Dead professor,”

I sent this in an email to my professor. Not sure if it was my fault or auto-correct’s, but I did not realize it until he replied, “is this how you address me now?” -Anonymous

2. “You look lovely neither way.”

So I commented on a friend’s new photo, asking if she did cut her hair short. She said, the rest was just behind in a ponytail, and then I replied, “Oh, okay! You look lovely neither way, though!” It was embarrassing, but I’m happy she knew what I meant. LOL. I meant “either.” -Kris

1. “I need a sex.”

My being mindless, coupled with frantic typing and multi-tasking once resulted in an inadvertent indecent proposition. I was trying to say, “I need a sec” but typed this instead. Embarrassing, because it happened at the workplace. But the humiliation was cushioned by the fact that the other person was in a different location. So no awkward running into each other later on during that day. -Pere

We at WhenInManila commit these mistakes, too! Nothing as grave as these, though. Just replacing some words like “photo” into “phoo” and “writer” into “wroter.”

What about you? Do you have similar experiences? Share it with us in the comments!