10 Tips You Need to Hear Before Starting Your New Job

Whether you’re straight out of school or taking on a new career path, the first few days on the job can be quite scary. You might think you got it all figured out, but it’s a lot more than just showing up and getting your tasks done. Each workplace is different in some ways, but newbies face basically the same set of hurdles. You almost always end up at the bottom of the ladder even if you’re an experienced worker, making “culture shock” a real and ever present danger. A good place to start would be to keep your expectations in check, but here are 10 more tips that’ll come in handy while you’re learning the ropes at your new job.

10. Accept your newbie status and start getting involved

It’s true that before you can do something about anything, the first thing to do is to accept the situation. Like, how can we do something about Climate Change when some people still deny its existence? Same applies when you have a new job. You must accept that you are the new guy/gal because the sooner you do, the sooner you can do something to make yourself feel settled.



Simple things like engaging in casual conversations with your new colleagues, joining them for lunch, and even suggesting you guys follow each other on social media can disperse the tension and anxiety that comes with being the newbie. And lucky you, if your new job has clubs or organizations for different hobbies!

9. Make like Katniss and go volunteer


“I volunteer to dance for the Christmas Party!”

Once you’re a little bit comfortable with your “newness,” don’t be afraid to step up and take one for the team. Volunteering for certain tasks not only gives you an avenue to show your skills but also gives the sense that you are putting an effort to be more integrated into the organization.

8. Find yourself an awesome mentor

We’ve all heard it: no man is an island. And it’s true! We here at When In Manila believes that you can only get better if you hang out with people who’re better than you. The logic? You’ll learn new things! Lumelevel-up kumbaga.


Plus points if your mentor looks like Dumbledore.

So find someone who knows their way around the industry you’re currently in. Someone who’s secured enough to give you insider’s info and whatnot. This someone could be your boss, a co-worker, or a close friend. Trust us, it’ll make your professional life a little bit less difficult.

7. Always keep the golden rule in mind


You know: do unto others what you want others to do unto you. Never ever undervalue anyone. Showing up on time during appointments and doing your job well are ways that you can show you value people and the organization. Never allow yourself to think you are better than anyone, and this applies to life in general. Respect begets respect.

6. Prioritize para di masakit sa bangs

The root cause of stress is taking on too many things at once. If you suddenly find yourself buried in a pile of tasks, identify the most urgent and the most important of them all, then focus on accomplishing that. Nothing good will come out if you just keep whining about your tons of unfinished tasks. Also, don’t procrastinate. Do that paper work as soon as you get the chance.


Else you won’t be able to enjoy the weekends

Leave the college-mentality of oras de peligro behind and start acting like the responsible adult that you are. Don’t let yourself become a Haggardo VersozaOr worse: a Beastmode.

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