10 Tips to Level Up Your Instagram Game

7.) Be purposeful with your angles.

Photos taken at a high angle, low angle, and eye level all evoke different moods. They also emphasize different parts of the photo and even create optical illusions, such as making the subject look taller.

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8.) Location is everything!

… and so is scheduling.

If you go on Instagram a lot, you could probably tell that these photos were shot at Pinto Art Museum. I first went there on a Saturday. I found the place beautiful. There were a lot of interesting paintings.

I went back for a second time, this time on a weekday. It was absolutely breathtaking! There were no crowds and no gigantic selfie sticks every few meters. It was easier to take photos, and it was also easier to simply enjoy the place.

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That was when I realized the importance of scheduling. Naturally, choosing a location suitable to the shoot and pegs you have in mind is essential. But imagine having to shoot in a beautiful place while knowing that you are blocking other people’s views and disrupting their museum visit just for something to post on your blog or your Instagram. It inconveniences other people, and it may also stress you out. 😉

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Choosing a good schedule also meant I got to avoid traffic! We cut down traveling time by around one to two hours.

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Choose a suitable venue for your next shoot, but be strategic with the schedule as well!

9.) Lighting is more important than most people think.

It seems serendipitous that Zeus’s Instagram account is @shootinanylight, and here we are–discussing lighting! This photography tip about lighting is something that I’ve come to appreciate because of Zeus.

If you look at the photos in this blog post, you may appreciate how consistent the mood is: happy, bright, and carefree. I could tell you that not all of the places we’ve been to look like these in person. Some look dark and gloomy, but Zeus (very fitting of his Instagram username) could shoot well in any light. He makes the mood and the lighting consistent even without using Photoshop.

Let me illustrate by showing you two photos. Both were taken at the same time of day and in the same place.

Zeus Martinez Photography Instagram Tips 3

As you could see in the photo above, the lighting wasn’t very flattering. (At least not for me.) I guess it depends on what mood you’re going for. The photo above darkened the other half of my face. It looked emo, which isn’t the branding I have for my blog.

Zeus Martinez Photography Instagram Tips 1

Zeus just used readily available material in our surroundings to play with the light. The photo above was done in-camera and didn’t even need Photoshop or Lightroom. 😉

I remember my photography class in college, where photography was defined as painting with light. I’m appreciating that more and more every time I work with @shootinanylight!

10.) Variety is the spice of life.

These are rules, mostly based on trends I’ve seen on Instagram or photography tips I’ve picked up from Zeus. But some rules are meant to be broken–including rules on photography.

But if there’s one rule I hope you don’t break on Instagram, I hope it’s this: enjoy it! See you on Instagram! 🙂

Zeus Martinez Photography

Website: https://zeusmartinez.com/

Instagram: @shootinanylight

Contact: zeus.martinez@gmail.com

Zeus is the photographer I collaborate with the most. Shoots with Zeus are always fun and chill! I usually get really awkward in front of the camera, so establishing rapport with the people I work with is a must. Zeus makes sure to listen and understand your vision for the shoot and makes jokes but doesn’t lose sight of the work. He also does a great job in directing subjects on how to pose!

If you look at his subjects in his Instagram feed, you’d see what I mean:

It came to a point that the morning sun was so unbearable that we had to literally shoot under the shade of a massive mango tree. Even though I still wanted to shoot out in the open, we couldn’t because of the intense heat. However, Christia made the best out of the situation (as she always does) and kept flashing her best smile. 🙂 The result was this portrait of hers that saw her wrapped in gorgeous natural light. The leaves were glowing and the patches of light were lightly treading on her skin. This is why I love shooting out in the open. This is why I love the outdoors. ???? To the birthday girl, Happy, Happy Birthday, @chaavalencia and may you enjoy this year as your best ever! #Cha18 #ChristiaTurns18 #portrait #NaturalLight #headshot #beautiful #ZeusMartinezPhotography #WhatsYourStory #whatdoyouwanttoremember 9/9

A photo posted by Zeus Martinez (@shootinanylight) on

Meet Zeus Martinez, in his own words:

Hello, my name is Zeus. I’m a wedding photographer and romantic storyteller residing in Manila, Philippines.

I describe my style in four words: shoot from the heart.

I have always been a lover of stories. The photographs that I take always reflect that affinity for the narrative–either through photographs or words. The unguarded joy in a bride’s eyes, the poignant moments during preparation and the enchanting chemistry of two people in love–those are the moments that I remember. Those are the split seconds that I live for. Those are the photographs that I will find during your wedding day.

Your wedding day is one of the highlights of your life. And when you look back at the memories made on your big day, I would like you to remember.

Who you were at that instant.

What you were feeling.

The quick candid moment that will never happen again.

That time when you choked up because you thought this day would never come.

When you realized that forever could not have had a better beginning.

After the bright lights have faded, only two things will remain: the love you have for each other and the memories that you will remember.

Let me find those priceless moments for you.

What do you want to remember?


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