10 Things You’ll Need Post-Pregnancy And For Your Baby

According to reports, there are an estimated () babies that will be born in 2021. If you are pregnant or about to give birth, it’s advisable that you plan shopping carefully. There are many things that are quite expensive and there are also things that you may end up not using. So here are some things that you should check out as you plan your shopping list.


This is probably the very first thing I bought while I was pregnant. After much research, I found WINK binder. Many moms swear by it and can be used right after delivery.

I was scheduled C-section and I knew I would need the right binder to help support my incision. I wore my Wink binder a day after my c-section and it changed my life. I was able to move like I didn’t go through major surgery. I was able to walk around and carry my baby.


Breastfeeding is really important especially on the first few days of your baby’s life and if you are to continue it, it’s a great thing to have a little help from a breast pump. Regularly pumping your breasts will stimulate your milk glands and will help you produce more milk. You can either get an electric breast pump like the Medela Swing or a let-down pump like the haaka. I got both since I was really planning to breastfeed exclusively.


It’s the law that babies have car seats when inside a vehicle. Carseats are designed to make sure that your little one will be protected in case of accidents. Invest in a car seat that can be used from newborn to toddler. There are many brands in the market that has great value and can be used for years.

It’s also important that you use a brand new car seat because, through years of use, these items can deteriorate and might not be able to perform if worn out.


If you would like to bring your little one along with you on your adventures, a carrier is suitable for your family. A carrier can also promote a close bond between a parent and the baby. There are carriers that can be used from newborn to toddler. Some carriers are also hip-seats making it perfect to be used even when your little one is up to 3 years old.

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If you plan to sleep train your baby, one of the things you will need are swaddles. In the hospital, babies are swaddled using muslins or event their ‘lampin’. If you are having a hard time using those, you can opt to use velcro swaddle or swaddles that has zippers in the front. There are different ones in the market but one that I have used is a velcro swaddle from Swaddies when my baby was around 1-4 months and then transitioned into a Love to Dream Swaddle and sleeping sacks after. Remember to research about swaddling because it’s important that you no longer swaddle your baby if they can roll over on their own.

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Not all parents will immediately think of getting a bed mat but it is heaven-sent for me because it saved our bed from diaper leaks, milk and vitamin spills, and from after-bath water. Remember those stories about poop explosions? A bed mat will save you from cleaning your bed sheets and you can just throw the bed mat in your washer.


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Most parents would think high chairs are for older babies but there are brands that you can actually use from newborn onwards. One example is Oribel Cocoon. It can transform from a baby nest where your baby can sleep since it has 3 levels of recline. This helped me a lot when I have to do house chores. My baby can sleep soundly while I work or take care of other things. As your baby grows, they can use the cocoon for eating or other activities.


I didn’t invest on floor mats until my baby can sit on her own and this is a literal lifesaver when your baby accidentally falls, trips, or bumps his or her head. Our pediatrician actually told us to make sure that our floors have foam mats for safety. There are different colors and sizes so you can customize it the way you want.

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One of the more expensive things that you need when you have a baby is a stroller. As for me, my baby had slept in her stroller when she was a newborn and we used it to rock her to sleep. As your baby grows, of course, they become heavier and a stroller can save you from all the back pain.


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Raising a baby during a pandemic means you have to be extra careful with the things that your little one uses or plays with. A UV sterilizer can be used to make sure that his or her bottles, toys and etc are clean. You can also use the UV sterilizer for your mobile phone, remote control, wallet, and keys. There are portable sterilizers like the UV Care pocket sterilizer or a bigger one like the Ecomom.