10 Things We Learned From “Crazy Rich Asians” Author Kevin Kwan

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As we all know, Kevin Kwan is the author of the best-selling book Crazy Rich Asians and its sequels China Rich Girlfriend and Rich People Problems. The trilogy follows Rachel Chu, who is blindly thrown into the crazy world of rich Asians, which her boyfriend Nick Young is part of. It’s going to be turned into a movie, with our very own Kris Aquino playing a mysterious role.

Kwan is currently in Manila to promote the last of the trilogy in a series of book signings across Fully Booked branches, and we managed to find out more about the world straight from the author himself:

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1. Now that the Crazy Rich trilogy is over, Kwan is co-creating a series that will tell a very different story. He adds that it’s going to be a recognizable creation. There will be lots of fashion and lots of globetrotting. Hopefully, it will come out next year.

2. But that doesn’t mean the Crazy Rich story is over. Kwan said that there’s always a chance for offshoots.

3. What did Singapore think of the books when it came out? Kwan says that the response has been positive. He added that people are generally excited when you feature their city or country in an authentic way.

4. The characters of Astrid Leong and Kitty Pong are based on real people. Sadly, he can’t reveal who they are based on. Besides, the inspiration has been changed enough that they wouldn’t recognize themselves. However, Kwan is sure that the person Astrid is based on has read the book.

5. Kwan did not put himself in the book. If he did, he would be the very poor, struggling writer cousin. Highly unlikely as Kwan actually comes from a prominent family in Singapore.

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6. The movie adaptation finished filming five or six weeks ago. There’s no word when it will come out, but it looks like the end of this year or some time next year.

7. Kwan says that the movie will surprise people. He was in disbelief at the set. Nelson Coates, the production designer of 50 Shades Darker, is on board for Crazy Rich Asians and he created sets that are “dialed up a million times.”

8. Kwan said that the one thing he wanted to get right in the adaptation is the fashion. Of course, it’s central to the story, especially Astrid’s.

9. As for Kris Aquino’s role, Kwan likened it to a state secret. We’ll just have to find out when the film comes out!

10. The last book is called Rich People Problems. Out of all the problems rich people face, Kwan says the biggest is that they tend to become jaded because they’re so used to the best.

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Kevin Kwan will be in Manila from August 18 to 22 to meet his readers and for book signings. Fully Booked set up an exciting book tour, with stops at the South Court of Powerplant Mall (August 18), the Atrium of Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street (August 19), the Ground Level of Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall (August 20), the Main Atrium of S Maison (August 21), and the Activity Center of UP Town Center (August 22).

For more information on the book tour, visit Fully Booked’s event page. The Crazy Rich trilogy is available at all Fully Booked branches and on www.fullybookedonline.com.

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